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The Public Sector Productivity Webinars provide a cost-efficient learning platform to know more about concepts, tools, and techniques relevant to public sector productivity.

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Introduction to Regulatory Impact Assessment

A properly conducted RIA helps identify the real-world impact of regulations and is likely to lead to better regulatory outcomes, enhanced public sector productivity, and greater acceptance of...

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Knowledge Sharing: How to Boost Innovation and Productivity in the Public Sector

Daisy Ireton and Helen Caldwell, Campaigns and Communications Associates at Apolitical, will discuss why knowledge sharing is a key part of innovation, and how innovation in turn leads to increased...

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Prolific Productivity in the Public Sector during the Pandemic

Mr. David O'Hagan, the Chief Firecracker of the Kick Fire Kitchen, will dive into specific tools and techniques that may help public-sector organizations kick-start and maximize their day-to-day...

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