Knowledge Center

The PSP Knowledge Bank serves as repository and online library of pertinent data, information, materials and references on public sector productivity. It accumulates, codifies and publicly disseminates PSP knowledge products derived from APO projects (e.g. Best practice manual, P & Q tool box, etc.), contributions from NPOs, international publications on innovation and productivity in the public sector

Capability Development Program

To create a critical mass of PSP practitioners, the PSP CapDev Program will design and offer a range of face-to-face or online training, seminars, conferences and other modes of capability building to develop and hone competencies of NPOs and selected public sector organizations

Innovation Laboratory

The PSP Innovation Laboratory shall serve as venue for the NPO and selected public sector organizations to understand and obtain first-hand experience in applying pioneering and specific P & Q tools, techniques and methodologies to address critical public sector productivity issues.

Research Program

PSP Research will initiate studies on public sector productivity such as identifying innovations for productivity including best practices, adaptation and examining effectiveness of P & Q tools, etc. In the medium to long-term, the agenda could include expansion/updating of productivity measurement research.