In line with the spirit of innovation and good governance, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) pilot-tested the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS). It was developed by the Civil Service Commission (CSC), approved on March 04, 2011 through CSC Resolution No. 1100224, and implemented through DOLE Administrative Order No. 114, s. 2011. The SPMS was made effective beginning March 28, 2011 and is currently being implemented in other agencies as well.

Photo from Dole Ilocos Region

The SPMS is a core performance management tool aimed to improve the efficiency and productivity of DOLE employees through performance monitoring and feedback, in line with the Aquino administration’s 22-point labor and employment principles. The SPMS synchronizes the evaluation of individual and organizational performance and provides performance-based allowances and incentives based on this evaluation. The system aims to:

  1. Institutionalize a scientific and verifiable basis in assessing organizational performance and the collective performance of individuals within the DOLE;
  2. Concretize the link of the Department’s Strategic Plan and Organizational Performance Indicator Framework (OPIF) with the performance of its offices and individual employees; and,
  3. Use one platform to link performance management with other HR systems.
Photo from Dole Ilocos Region

The system essentially focuses on individual performance in relation to the outputs/outcomes of the organization, rewards good performance and provides employees opportunities for improvement. The resulting impact of effective implementation is a more responsive, impactful, transparent, and streamlined operations. The SPMS cycle follows four steps, namely: planning and commitment, monitoring and coaching, review and evaluation, and rewarding and development planning. SPMS is only one of three performance management systems implemented by DOLE such as the OPIF of the Department of Budget and Management which measures agency performance, and the Results-Based Performance Management System (RBPMS) which serves as the basis for determining entitlement to performance-based allowances and incentives, linking organizational performance to societal goals Performance evaluation teams were created to spearhead the implementation and set the targets of SPMS in the agency, and a performance validation teams to evaluate and report on submitted ladderized evaluations incorporated in the Individual Performance Commitment and Review, Division Performance Commitment Reviews and Office Performance Commitment Reviews.

These evaluation tools serve as basis for determining competency gaps among offices and employees and for identifying offices and individuals to be nominated for DOLE-wide, CSC and Career Executive Service Board (CESB) award nominations. Performance measures captured by the OPCRs measure the three dimensions of performance which include: effectiveness/quality, efficiency, and timeliness. These tools serve to provide feedback on employees for their work during the year, such that performance-based bonuses are given to performers and those with unsatisfactory ratings are entitled to opportunities for improvement. Following the issuance of DOLE’s SPMS guidelines, a series of detailed orientations were conducted followed by implementation, monitoring and evaluation.  DOLE initiated an action plan and provided for the facilities and resources needed to implement the system in all DOLE services, bureaus and attached agencies. Employees were briefed on the scoring and monitoring system prior to the year-end evaluations and appraisal. Review of the SPMS and other performance monitoring mechanisms are also conducted for continuous development.