The 21st century has seen a growing emphasis in the public sector on lifelong learning and professional development to better manage the impact of globalization and the growth of knowledge-based economies. Government organizations have taken responsibility for ensuring that their employees have the appropriate skills and knowledge to accomplish their strategic and operational objectives. Below is a list of FREE knowledge development resources on lifelong learning relevant to the public sector.

Upskill Faster by Fostering a Culture of Agile Learning
Organizer: Gartner
Date & Time: Tuesday, 03 May 2022 | 10:00 PM PST

Agile learning can help teams achieve better outcomes by unlocking talent and skills within the enterprise. Join this complimentary webinar to learn how to shift from ad-hoc learning to an agile learning culture, Motivate learners by creating an agile learning environment, and Apply culture hacks that will accelerate a culture of agile learning. 

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The Gartner Cloud Strategy Cookbook 2022 
Organizer: Gartner
Date & Time: Wednesday, 04 May 2022 | 10:00 PM PST

How do we build a comprehensive cloud strategy? This complimentary IT webinar takes a “cookbook approach” to building a cloud strategy, a one-service-at-a-time method. We will look at cloud computing offerings on a spectrum; the cloud strategies of the mega-vendors, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and IBM. We will highlight how vendor management leaders can determine if those vendors’ offerings apply to their organizations’ cloud strategy. Most importantly, we will help you devise your winning recipe for cloud strategy success.

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Changing the Course of Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific
Organizer: Microsoft
Date & Time: Tuesday, 17 May 2022 | 6:00 PM PST

Climate change is a top priority for governments, not least because it impacts lives but also livelihoods. However, for countries with an inherently lower GDP per capita and those heavily reliant on fossil fuels, the road to a low-emissions economy exerts a sizable burden. This webinar focuses on assisting country leaders in formulating frameworks that support their joint ambition to balance economic progress with environmental upkeep. Most importantly, it demonstrates that with technology as a unifying enabler, our move to net-zero need not be a zero-sum game.

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Earth Day: How Public Servants Can Invest in the Planet
Organizer: Apolitical
Date & Time: Thursday, 19 May 2022 | 11:00PM PST

Each year, Earth Day offers the chance to reflect on what we’ve done for the planet over the past year, and to consider what more we could be doing. Join this free online workshop, organized in honor of Earth Day, to learn about how public servants can invest in the planet. You’ll hear about strategies public servants can use to fight climate change and promote greener policies, inside and outside of the public service.

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Proactive Planning for Old, New, and Emerging Security Vulnerabilities
Webinar Bootcamp by F5

Accellion, Solar Winds, and Log4Shell are just a few in a long list of security vulnerabilities that have kept defenders busy around the clock. For many enterprises, remediation is difficult – or worse, non-existent – leading to compromise through vulnerabilities that are sometimes years old, even though patches are available. Knowing the right steps to take can be tough. So how can your organization find the right way to proactively protect its applications and data from attacks exploiting past, current, and even future vulnerabilities? 

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Data-driven Equity and Climate Budgeting
Email Bootcamp by Apolitical

Government budgets are where decisions about what’s important get funded. It is the logical place to begin when building a strategy for tackling society’s biggest issues, from climate change and homelessness to equity and sustainability. Sign up for this free email boot camp to learn how to develop and apply a Priority Based Budgeting framework to help local governments make the most of their resources AND make good on their promises. This methodology enables governments to apply Priority Based Budgeting for climate and equity-focused data-driven decision making.

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Four-week Data Boot Camp for Public Servants
Email Bootcamp by Apolitical

As governments seek to adapt to digital technologies, knowing how to work with data is frequently cited as one of the most valuable skills that a public servant can develop. This is not standard programming, data visualization or data science course. It is designed to introduce public servants to a wide range of skills needed to use data effectively in government. This boot camp is for anyone who wants an introduction to using data in the public service or simply wants a refresher on some of the key principles.

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Privacy Management – The Case for a Global Approach Leveraging ISO/IEC 27701
Webinar Bootcamp by SGS S.A.
Date: February-July 2022

The International Organization for Standardization recognized the protection of privacy is a global concern and in 2019 published ISO/IEC 27701, the international standard for a Privacy Information Management System. This standard is based on and is an extension of ISO/IEC 27001, the well-known and widely accepted management system standard for Information Security. During this webinar, our speakers, Alex Li from Microsoft and Willy Fabritius of SGS, will provide an overview of what ISO/IEC 27701 is and how organizations benefit from certification to the standard. In addition, we will include a brief overview of Microsoft’s open-source Data Protection/Privacy Mapping Project.

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