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The Performance Pipeline: Getting the Right Performance at Every Level of Leadership

Title: The Performance Pipeline: Getting the Right Performance at Every Level of Leadership

Author: Stephen Drotter

Year Published: 2011

Publisher: Jossey-Bass | A Wiley Imprint

“What I see most often is leaders spending much of their time solving today’s problems personally and not spending enough time anticipating and planning for the future or on developing their people.” – From the Preface.

From Stephen Drotter, coauthor of the bestselling book The Leadership Pipeline, comes the next step resource designed to help leaders at every level succeed in an uncertain business environment. The Performance Pipeline is a groundbreaking book that is based on Stephen Drotter’s forty years of in-depth work with more than 100 companies worldwide.

The book defines how work flows from top to bottom and reveals what results each layer must produce and what each layer must pass down to make the layers below successful.

Filled with illustrative examples and personal experiences, the book shows how Performance Pipelines work in real-world organizations. The Performance Pipeline uses a framework that is as easy to apply as it is to understand and addresses three critical business needs:

  • How to improve business performance by defining the unique purpose of each layer and providing clarity and focus on the results to be achieved.
  • How to make all leaders successful by having leaders at every layer pass down to the layers below things they need to be successful.
  • How to help leaders make the transition to a new layer and how to remove performance roadblocks so leaders deliver the results required at their new layer.

Drotter’s Performance Pipeline method was created to be flexible and can be adopted by companies of all sizes and in any industry.