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Open Futures: Operating System for Future Centers

Title: Open Futures: Operating System for Future Centers

Author: Open Futures

Year Published: 2008

Publisher: Open Futures

The book is based on a unique two-year exploration tour of fourteen innovation experts about the art and practice of Future Centers and other future-oriented collaborative working environments. They visited, experienced, prototyped, and analyzed over thirty Future Centers: in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Israel, and elsewhere

The book “OpenFutures – an Operating System for Future Centers” summarizes their findings. It provides insights into why Future Centers are set up, what their fundamental operating principles are, how they are planned, operated, managed and create impact. The insights, stories, knowledge recipes and recommended tips cover four perspectives: the organisational, methodological, physical, and technological. It is a highly visual document, with plentiful artwork created especially for the book, enriching and underscoring the presentation of the different concepts that compose the art and practice of Future Centers.

The book is a useful resource for people about to launch a Future Center or another type of innovation laboratory, or for people who currently operate one and want to upgrade and transform it, or simply those intent on adding a touch of ‘future orientation’ to their everyday working environments.