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E-Government and Information Technology Management: Concepts and Best Practices

Title: E-Government and Information Technology Management: Concepts and Best Practices

Author: Marc Holzer, Aroon P. Manoharan, et al

Year Published: 2018

Publisher: Melvin & Leigh

Publication: Book

E-Government and Information Technology Management is an essential textbook for graduate and undergraduate programs across the world that are taking steps to incorporate courses on e-government/IT as they prepare their students to join the public sector workforce. The book also serves as a comprehensive guide for the growing body of researchers and practitioners in e-government.

The text is comprised of 12 chapters from e-government experts, all written in a clear writing style that balances theory and practice. Each chapter provides background information, critical resources, and emerging trends. Along with questions for class discussion, each chapter includes cases to demonstrate the importance of these areas to practitioners, researchers, and students of technology management and public affairs administration.

“The strategic use of data and information technologies has become essential for many governments around the world; not only to improve organizational performance, but also to engage with citizens and other stakeholders. This book nicely covers concepts and best practices related to digital governance with a primary focus on privacy and security, usability, content, services, and citizen and social engagement. E-Government and Information Technology Management represents a comprehensive and well-balanced collection of foundational and emergent topics, trends, and practical recommendations and, therefore, I highly recommend it.” (J. Ramon Gil-Garcia, State University of New York at Albany)