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Digitalization and Public Sector Transformations

Title: Digitalization and Public Sector Transformations

Author: Schou, Jannick Hjelholt, Morten

Year Published: 2018

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

This book offers an analysis of the digitization of government, which is becoming a crucial area of policymaking in developed capitalist nations. In order to combine a national policy research with local institutional analysis, it delves into a case study of digitization initiatives in Denmark. Since Denmark is frequently cited as a global leader in the digitalization of the public sector, it offers an especially useful context for comprehending this novel political tool. By promoting a cultural political economic perspective, Schou and Hjelholt contend that digitalization is not a simple technological solution. Rather, this field needs to be situated against broader changes in the political economy of nations that practice capitalism. By taking this approach, the book uncovers the institutional fallout from digitalization as well as its political origins. It demonstrates how fresh connections are being made between the state and its citizens.