Proponent Agency

City Government of Vigan


20-24 September 2021



General Description

This project management program is a tool that will ensure that the different projects of the LGU will be completed. Aside from checklists, project execution tools, and monitoring interventions, the program is equipped with collaboration devices to ensure the holistic execution of various projects.

Project Background

The Local Government Unit of Vigan has been faced with a bad reputation and backlash due to unfinished projects in the city. Not only are the project staff unmotivated, but they also require capacity with skills that are aligned with the mandate, values, and system of the organization. It has become a source of uncertainties in the LGU, especially now that the Mandanas Ruling is in place.

Furthermore, due to the changing needs and demands of the public, the projects are piling up and are now becoming a significant source of barriers to the city’s development. Project managers face various problems, and the LGU’s productivity is currently being hampered and questioned.
Although this can be attributed to various reasons such as administration changes, pandemic requirements, and strategic directions, the backlogs are mainly identified due to capability shortcomings and monitoring.

Thus, this project management program is a tool that will help in planning, execution, monitoring, and evaluation that covers every step of the project cycle. Not only will this ensure timely completion, but it will also aid in completing quality projects relevant to the city.

Potential Impact

  1. Timely completion of projects
  2. Capacitated project managers
  3. Easy monitoring and evaluation
  4. Forecasting and punch listing
  5. Collaborative execution of projects
  6. Accountable, transparent, and participative
  7. Holistic approach to project management

Project Features

  1. Project Monitoring Team: The local chief executive will establish a project monitoring division at the planning office that will aid the management of project data and implementation.
  2. Project Details: Project information such as title, purpose, location, funding source, project amount, mode of procurement, sector, and target date of completion will be indicated on this page.
  3. Project Schedule Checklist: A project schedule checklist will ensure project success as this will help organize project timelines.
  4. Resource and Budget Scheduling: This checklist will aid the project’s procurement and resource management aspects.
  5. Responsibility Assignment Matrix: This will be a project delegation sheet where point persons are identified and monitored.
  6. Collaboration: The system will provide internal and external collaboration where various stakeholders can interact with the project managers

Project Milestones

  1. Prototype Testing – 22 October 2021
  2. Management Presentation – 3 November 2021
  3. Pilot Testing – January 2022
  4. Creation of Division – TBD
  5. Pilot Testing – TBD

Innovation Team

Name: Futuristix VGN

Innovation Champion: Ma. Roxanne Villanueva
Innovation Manager: Lovey Taaca

Team Members:

  1. Jo Anne Gutierrez
  2. Jeffrey Arenas
  3. Tracy Galang
  4. Ma. Raissa Villanueva
  5. Arch. Michael Toledo