Arcreons is one of the innovation teams of the City Government of Muntinlupa (CGM). They came up with UP-Docs for their innovation project and incorporated Dapat Alam Mo! (DAM), Repaso, and Train D’ Trainer alongside. These projects came from the team’s aspiration to improve the document management system of CGM. Using the insights gathered, the team was able to identify four (4) areas of concern on the system which are personnel development, workplace environment, process-related issues, and lack of standardized way of tracking documents. The team generated several solution ideas to address the issues. Solutions generated were an advocacy on document management, document tracking system, renovation of the workplace, conduct of capability activities, and policy review and enhancement. Of the five big ideas generated by the team, they only dropped the renovation of the workplace and decided to pursue all four (4) ideas. They called their innovation projects Dapat Alam Mo! (DAM) or the advocacy on document management, UP-Docs which is the document management system, Repaso or the policy review and enhancement, and Train D’ Trainers which is the conduct of capability-building activities. Overall, the project aims to increase the efficiency of the document management system and serve as a benchmark to other agencies and LGUs.


The team shared their gathered information and insights during the workshop. The team described the common issues that they have encountered in their documentation processes. Inefficiencies in the document management system are as follows:

  1. Policies are not fully implemented such that employees do not practice RDS of CGM.
  2. Policies related to document management tracking are not clear.
  3. Interest and appreciation for records training is low.
  4. Processes and correspondence take too long to reach the intended recipient and yet it is difficult to follow-up due to unapproachable personnel.
  5. Policies are not well cascaded or communicated that is why some employees are unaware of circulars/pertinent issuance.
  6. There is no accountability for documents received or processed.
  7. The physical layout of offices is not sufficient for records storage and proper filing of documents.
  8. It takes time to approve or disapprove of a certain request.
  9. Documents keep ongoing back-and-forth to different departments.
  10. There is a constant change of personnel who handles the documents but there is no proper transition or turnover of documents when an employee resigns or separates.
  11. There is a need for an easier way of tracking documents as they experience loss of documents and data.
  12. There is too much dependence on hard copies.

Innovation Project

Despite the results in the prioritization matrix i.e., Advocacy on Document Management topping the list, the Arcreons decided to proceed with three (3) more projects which are the Document Management Tracking System also known as UP-DOCS, Repaso (i.e., the policy review), and Train D’ Trainer (i.e., the capability-building activities) which features are listed further below:

  1. Dapat Alam Mo! (DAM) is what they called their Advocacy on Document Management wherein they will come up with advocacy material to be launched in a campaign.
  2. UP-Docs is the Document Management Tracking System with the following features:
    • Centralized control number
    • Status reports such as Incoming, outgoing, pending, completed reports
    • Log history
    • Printable reports
    • Recording of completed reports
    • Proper endorsement
    • Cascading of announcements
    • Access Rights
    • Digitized copy of Records
    • Document types, schedule of record disposition
    • Level of Urgency
  3. Repaso or the Policy Review and Enhancement is a series of consultations and benchmarking to improve current policies.
  4. Train D’ Trainer is what they called their Capability Building activities where the Basic Records Management & Archives Administration’s training activities are enhanced.

Project Success Measures

Through the projects – UP-Docs, Dapat Alam Mo! (DAM), Repaso, and Train D’ Trainer, the agency will be able to improve on the document management system of CGM, establish a way of tracking documents, and improve process-related issues. Thus, the success measures of the project are as follows:

  1. 3-minute standard tracking time
  2. 50% reduction on reported complaints due to lost documents
  3. 20% reduction in the volume of collected paper in the recovery box
  4. 100% of offices in the city government of Muntinlupa compound have document tracking system
  5. 50% of office-based employees of the city government of Muntinlupa are aware of effective document management system
  6. 100% of administrative officers are trained on document management system