Proponent Agency

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)


November  25-29, 2019


Citizen-centered service

General Description

The TACO App shall enable members and employers to experience a more convenient transaction through an end to end app.

Project Background

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority serves as the Philippines’ technical vocational education and training authority. Its goals are to develop the Filipino workforce with “world-class competence and positive work values” and to provide quality technical-educational and skills development through its direction, policies, and programs. 

To verify the learnings of technical and vocational students, a competency assessment is regularly conducted. Through data gathering and client interviews, several issues have surfaced in the application, competency assessment, and verification process. To address these issues, the Innovation Team generated several ideas and insights to address the challenge:  How can we make the application process of competency assessment more accessible to our clients because we want to provide a faster, accessible, and transparent application process?

The team combined ideas and further processed the insights, until they came up with the TACO App.

Potential Impact

  1. Increase net customer satisfaction rating to 95%.
  2. Reduce process cycle time to 1 day, from application to approval of assessment schedule.
  3. Reduce process cycle time with the notification to assessor (assessment assignment/schedule) given 2 months before schedule.
  4. Make available of assessment schedules and assessors online 24/7.
  5. Reduce application form errors by 10%.

Project Features

  • User-friendly web-based portal which can be used by Applicant, Assessment Center, Assessor, TESDA PO.
  • Online account for applicants, with fillable forms, uploading of documentary requirements and printing of payment voucher accepted in different establishments.
  • Interface for assessment center which can monitor schedules, pending applications, completion of assessment and pool of assessors.
  • Portal for TESDA Provincial Office with assessment schedules, list of accredited assessors and administrative function.

Project Milestones

  • Completion of Prototype and Proposal – Dec, 2019
  • Submission to Tesda Management for Approval – Jan, 2020
  • Finalization of System Guidelines / Capacity Building – Feb, 2020
  • Pilot Run in Few Provinces / Monitoring – Mar-May, 2020
  • Evaluation of Implementation / Revisions – Jun, 2020
  • Implementation of Revised System / Monitoring – Jul, 2020
  • Scale-Up / Monitoring and Evaluation – Aug, 2020

Innovation Team

  • Innovation Team Name: Top Gear
  • Innovation Champion: Arlyn S. Bandong
  • Innovation Manager: Talib R. Bayabao
  • Team Members
    • Josef Christian B. Jorquia
    • Andy B. Malinit
    • Joseph Cyrus P. Santalisis
    • Myla C. Corullo