The SSS Armers, the innovation team of the Social Security System (SSS), developed the Online Appointment System v2.0. They wanted to improve the service delivery of their current online appointment system. Some issues that they encountered were the processing time, inconsistent features of the appointment system, lack of manpower, incomplete information, connectivity problems, and lack of resources. They came up with two solutions to their problems, which are the Online Appointment System v2.0, and the information campaign for online appointment system v2.0 but decided to pursue the former. The project aims to maximize the utilization of the online appointment system and intensify the awareness of the Online Appointment System. The Online Appointment System v2.0 enhances their system’s existing features by adding features of online application, online submission of documentary requirements, online screening of applications, online sending of instructions and necessary information, increase in the number of appointment slots, and, an option for multiple transactions to lessen the number of appointment slots consumed per day.


Other than the information gathered through the available reports, the team further discussed the current process and practices and identified the areas for improvement. The team’s insights are as follows:

  1. The queuing time takes too long due to inefficient services, voluminous transactions, and unutilized kiosks.
  2. There is only a limited number of appointments per day and yet some clients do piecemeal transactions.
  3. Pre-processing of transactions and multiple transactions are not allowed.
  4. There is a lack of manpower such that counters are not fully complemented during the lunch hour, appointment system does not have enough manpower.
  5. Designated MSRs need to issue office orders for a better appointment system.
  6. The forms are not user-friendly that sometimes causes clients to provide incomplete details.
  7. The appointment system lacks necessary information such as instructions after setting the appointment.
  8. ICT resources are not enough giving the organization a slow system and internet connectivity, and website errors.
  9. The technical support responds slowly.
  10. The physical infrastructure of the office is small and machines, like the photocopy machine, are not available.
  11. Some branches have a queuing system, while some are still on manual systems.
  12. There is no training on customer relations resulting in the MSRs not being accommodating.
  13. There is no guidance from superiors nor team building activities to build and strengthen the relationships of employees.
  14. There is a strong resistance to change.

All of the insights gathered were clustered into the following themes:

  1. Long processing time
  2. Limited features of the appointment system
  3. Lack of manpower
  4. Unreliable & incomplete information
  5. System & connectivity problems
  6. Lack of resources(support)
  7. Frontline staff-related issues

Innovation Project

The SSS Armers came up with an innovation project that combines all the best ideas that they were able to generate. They called their project Online Appointment System version 2.0, which aims to maximize the utilization of the online appointment system through enhancing its existing features. Some of the highlights and key features of the Online Appointment System version 2.0 include:

  1. Online filling out of application forms
  2. Online submission of documentary requirements
  3. Pre-screening of application and submitted documentary requirements
  4. Email notification to include additional important information and instruction
  5. Option for multiple transactions
  6. Increased online appointment system slots

Project Success Measures

Through the Online Appointment System v2.0, the agency will be able to improve the service delivery of their online appointment system, improve the processing time and inconsistent features of the system. In addition, it will help address the connectivity problems that are present. Thus, the success measures of the project are as follows:

  1. Maximize utilization of online appointment system by at least 50% of the total registered members thru enhancement/improvement of the existing features of the Online Appointment System
  2. Intensify promotion/awareness of the Online Appointment System through campaign drives, e.g. tri-media, installation of kiosks in strategic locations in partnership with LGU and other govt/private organizations, etc.