Proponent Agency

Sorsogon Provincial Hospital


28 September-2 October 2020


Employee Development

General Description

“SPH Chatty,” the SPH employee assistance chatbot, aims to ensure that the requirements of the daily time records of the employees are accomplished completely and on time. This will ease the processing of payroll systems that integrates digital and manual recording.

Project Background

Dr. Fernando B. Duran Sr. Memorial Hospital, or the Sorsogon Provincial Hospital, has served the Sorsogeños with quality health care for their province. It comprises more than 500 permanent and contractual employees who tirelessly serve the citizens to ensure that the province remains healthy and disease-free.

Little does the public know that aside from the stresses of the healthcare industry, the Sorsogon Provincial Hospital employees also struggle with the availment of their compensation. Often, their salaries are not released on time due to the complexity of their processing requirements. Aside from biometrics and digital daily time monitoring, employees must manually update and send attachments to process their salaries by batch. Although this is common in government agencies, they have identified the following issues: 1.) employees are not fully aware of the requirements for payroll processing, 2.) due to the nature of their work, employees find it hard to update their DTR’s diligently, 3.) the payroll is processed by batch; thus, one incomplete entry, will delay the whole group, and 4.) their payroll is manually processed at the HR center which is outside the hospital’s premises, causing more delay in the processing of incomplete transmittals.

Thus, it was identified that efficient and diligent accomplishment of the DTR’s is the key to the timely processing of their payrolls. Having resolved that, they developed SPH Chatty, a chatbot that aims to remind, assist, and update the employees on their payroll processing status and requirements.

Potential Impact

  1. Reminds employees of the submissions before the deadline.
  2. Broadcast announcements and pertinent memos.
  3. Easy access for payroll inquiries.
  4. Calendar of events to ease the processing of requirements.

Project Features

  1. “SPH Chatty”- A chatbot named “Chatty” will address queries, frequently asked questions, and payroll queries of the employees. It will assist the employees in ensuring a timely and complete accomplishment of payroll requirements.
  2. Automated Broadcast Features- “Chatty” will have an automated broadcast feature that announcement the deadlines of submissions every 12th and 27th of the month.
  3. Status Update Mechanism- In the menu option is a status inquiry feature that gives the employees an update on processing their payrolls.
  4. Calendar of Events – Through Chatty, the employees will have access to an events calendar, which will inform them of the whereabouts of signatories and give them a heads up on possible setbacks in payroll processing.
  5. Auto Reminders – A reminder feature will be available to constantly announce requirements and deadlines to employees.

Project Milestones

  1. Confirmation of Innovation Champion – October 2020
  2. Prototype enhancement – October 2020
  3. Finalization of Presentation Deck – October 2020
  4. Proposal to Management – November 2020
  5. Creation of FB Group – October-November 2020
  6. Monitoring Group Members – October-November 2020
  7. Presentation to HR for Budget Approvals – November 2020
  8. Meeting with IT – November 2020
  9. Program Development – December 2020
  10. Dry Run – January 2021
  11. Pilot Implementation – February 2021

Innovation Team

Name: Team Uragon

Innovation Champion: Robert A. Chacon Jr.
Innovation Manager: Joy Elizaga

Team Members:

  1. Julius Jeresano
  2. Salvador Garlan
  3. Denise Resurrection
  4. Rosalie Domanico
  5. Kenneth Solomon