DFA 2.0, the innovation team of the Department of Foreign Affairs, came up with the Single Window Passport Application and Renewal as the team’s innovation project. This came from DFA 2.0’s aspiration to improve the delivery of passport services to enhance customer satisfaction and public trust. Through the client feedback gathering in DFA’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, the team was able to identify different issues in passport processing. Slow processing of passports was highlighted as the topmost complaint, followed by no appointment confirmation and no available slots. The team, then, proposed some ideas that were later made to be the features of the project Single Window Passport Application and Renewal. The project aims to reduce no-show rate, lessen the processing steps and ensure faster transaction. Applicants shall set appointment online and pay the corresponding non-refundable processing and delivery fees. Thus, applicants do not need to transact with the cashier and the courier service, and they can track application status online. They shall only go to one window to submit registration form and copies of required documents, and for biometrics taking.

The Data Exploration

The DFA 2.0 was tasked to gather data through various means such as interview, survey, literature review and research to examine the context of the issue and analyze the situation. The team was provided with technical assistance in crafting properly written questionnaires and survey forms to ensure gathering of helpful information. Specifically, the team used the social media, i.e. Facebook and Twitter, in gathering client feedback. They also interviewed the frontline employees and their superiors.

Innovation Project

The DFA 2.0 has come up with a project entitled, Single Window Passport Application and Renewal. Main features of the project are as follows:

  1. To be pilot tested in Courtesy Lane processing
  2. Advance payment to be integrated in the registration (appointment) system
  3. Payment shall be fixed at PHP 1,200 per application plus the courier fees
  4. Applicants shall register (set appointment) online and pay the corresponding fees in partner bank
  5. Upon arrival in the DFA office, the applicant will only go to one window to submit registration form, copies of required documents and for biometrics taking

Project Success Measures

  1. Reduced no. of steps
  2. Improved client feedback (Twitter, Facebook, interview and feedback form)
  3. Increased no. of clients handled
  4. Improved turnaround time
  5. Reduced no show rate