Proponent Agency

Securities and Exchange Commission


August 5 to 9, 2019



General Description

The main aim of the project is to re-invent, revolutionize, and re-engineer the policies and operations underpinning the One Person Corporation Registration. The whole program intends to address the following areas: 1) Policy solutions 2) Workforce Capacitation 3) Information Technology Solutions 4) Branding and Public Communications Solutions.

Project Background

As the overseer and registrar of the Philippine Corporate Sector, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) aims to have a sound corporate community of business owners and process users.  This has paved the way to various developments in the agency throughout the years.  Most recently, the SEC has introduced the One Person Corporation (OPC), which allows the public to incorporate without the pre-requisites of the minimum number of incorporators.  The OPC provides new opportunities investors and businesses to establish their own corporation, but with it comes a greater responsibility to safeguard the public against dummy corporations and illegal schemes.

Since this is a new program, the registration of the OPC is still done manually. This is the reason why the Innovation Team chose to focus on the challenges and opportunities surrounding the implementation of this new service. Starting with a development of an end to end program and digitization, this innovation in OPC is expected to affect the other services of SEC in the future.

Potential Impact

The process will align to the needs of the registrants. SEC-C targets to deliver an enjoyable, memorable and commendable transactional experience. Moreover, this will encourage the registrants to participate in the capital market.

Project Features

  1. Policy Solutions
  • It is recognized that each endeavour entails a policy that needs to be disseminated.  In order to make the project successful, there should be policies that align the organization and the process owners to the goals of the project.
  • Internal processes and branding guidelines.
  • Management buy-in and policy approvals.

2.  Workforce Capacitation

  • E-learning applications, allowing employees to learn at their own pace.
  • Efficient procurement procedures.
  • Periodic merits and awards to deserving employees.
  • Work groups for evaluation and feedback.

3.  Information Technology Solutions

  • Online application system
  • Intuitive alerts
  • Online feedback mechanism
  • Online training facilities
  • Online community of registrants

4.  Branding and Public Communications Solutions

  • Social medi8a campaigns
  • Post registration activities (news latters, incentive schemes and member activities.
  • Public information drives.
  • OPC seminars
  • Media information campaign

Project Milestones

  • Development of Prototype Systems (3 months)
  • Presentation to: (3 months)
    • Internal Stakeholders
    • Process Owners / Users 
    • Clients
  • Enhancement and Finalization of the Design (6 months)
  • Actual Testing by the Users (6 months)

Innovation Team

  • Innovation Team Name: Innovase
  • Innovation Champion: Chairperson B. Emilio Aquino
  • Innovation Manager: Novilienne C. Ermitano
  • Team Members
    • Susan Alcantara
    • Atty. Mercy Aragon
    • Lee Franco Magtrayo
    • Liezl Dela Pena
    • Atty. Melody F. Tadinia – Pasia
    • Atty. Ana Marie R. Estrada-Dalena
    • Ma. Eleanor A. Dela Cruz