The Health Guard Innovators is one of the innovation teams of the Department of Health (DOH). They came up with the project Quarantine Quality Queue. The team wanted to reduce queuing time in availing of the yellow fever vaccination. Using the information that was gathered through surveys, timestamps, and service testing, the team identified the issues on their Yellow Fever Vaccination (YFV) service which they identified as long transaction time, improper physical set-up, lack of manpower, and forms that differ from International standards. The team generated ideas through brainstorming techniques to address these issues and came up with a Queuing Management System, an information drive, creation of satellite/mobile YFV services, a request for increased resources, an improved physical set-up, a 24/7 vaccination, and a drive-thru YFV service. After applying the solution ideas in the prioritization matrix and a series of idea combination and enhancement, the team realized that a Queuing Management System is the way to go. They called their project the Quarantine Quality Queue (QQQ) which features online scheduling, registration and payment, an improved physical layout of the vaccination clinic, separate queues for specific services, infographics for health promotion, precise process time and a free-flowing coffee during the observation period. The QQQ aims to reduce queuing time to only 20 minutes, make the process in availing the vaccine easy, fast & convenient, and add additional payment options.

Data Exploration and Insights

The team shared their gathered information and insights to identify factors that lead to the inconvenience of availing the vaccination. They shared that the average transaction time is about 15-45 minutes without the observation period. They also noted that inefficiency, according to surveys and service testing, are due to:

  1. Long transaction time
  2. Physical set-up is not conducive for waiting (small, humid and lacks seats)
  3. Lack of manpower
  4. Different forms from International Quarantine Agencies

Innovation Project

The team came up with the Quarantine Quality Queue which is the Queuing Management System of the Health Guard Innovators. Its features are as follows:

  1. Online Scheduling and Registration
  2. Online Payment
  3. Improvement of Physical Layout of the Vaccination Clinic
  4. Separate queues for specific services
  5. Infographics for Health Promotion
  6. Precise Process Time
  7. Free-flowing coffee during observation period

Project Success Measures

Through the project Quarantine Quality Queue, the BOQ  will be able to reduce queuing time in availing the yellow fever vaccination. Thus, the success measures of the project are as follows:

  1. Reduced queuing time from an average of 30 minutes to a maximum of 20 minutes which includes actual compliance of the 15-minute observation period after immunization
  2. Easy, fast and convenient process in availing the yellow fever vaccination
  3. Different payment options