Proponent Agency

Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital (CLMMRH)


28 September – 02 October 2020


Client Experience

General Description

CLMMRH’s Patient Data Access Site is a program that aims to provide an efficient and convenient way for hospital personnel and patients’ guardians to track, monitor easily, and process all documents related to discharging CLMMRH’s patients.

Project Background

The Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital is committed to providing premium healthcare services that are accessible, safe, equitable, and affordable to all through the adequate generation of resources, the conduct of innovative training according to standards and relevant research, and effective networking with other institutions.

Apart from battling the CoVId-19 pandemic, the CLMMRH is faced with an incredible challenge concerning the delays surrounding the patients’ discharge process.

Thus, the Para Kay Corazon, an innovation team formed through the DAP’s Boot Camp on Innovating the Public Sector, came up with an innovation project entitled “Patient Data Access Site” to be able to provide a quality public service to its customers, which could also be integrated with the existing Hospital Information System.

Potential Impact

  1. Improved discharge method
  2. Digitized submission of patients’ documents
  3. Reduced legwork of hospital personnel and its patients/guardians
  4. Issued clearance of patient requirements on-point service areas

Project Features

  1. Submit Patient ID Requirement – This allows users to scan any of the patient’s valid proof of identification such as Birth Certificate, PHIC Membership ID, government-issued ID, and Employment Certificate/ID.
  2. Revise Patient Data – Through this feature, neither the hospital nurses nor the patient’s guardian could quickly revise/edit any data with typographical errors, which mainly contributed to the discharge process’s delay.
  3. Laboratory Clearance – Clearances from various departments will be easily monitored once a patient is cleared through this feature.
  4. Pharmacy Clearance – Unused medicines and other medical supplies for return to the pharmacy, drug availability, and other pharmacy-related concerns may be tracked through the Pharmacy Clearance button.
  5. How Can We Help You? – A feedback mechanism of the site that aims to capture and monitor the effectiveness of the Patient Data Access Site would allow the innovation team to capture comments/suggestions to enhance the PDAS further and make it more sustainable.

Project Milestones

Presentation of the innovation project to the Medical Chief18 November 2020
Coordination with the IT personnel for the program development30 November 2020
Program DevelopmentFebruary 2021
Pilot Test of the Patient Data Access Site1-31 March 2021
Change Management Program and Policy Building16 May-30 June 2021
Soft launch of the PDAS, Orientation, and End-User evaluation1 April-15 May 2021
Official Launch/Program Implementation of PDAS1 July 2021
Monitoring of EffectivenessAugust-December 2021

Innovation Team

Name: Para Kay Corazon

Innovation Champion: Mary Johnson Cabaluna
Innovation Manager: Catherine T. Jison

Team Members:

  1. Nenita B. Dumaguit
  2. Rey Emanuelle M. Mirasol
  3. Julea June D. Canlas
  4. Christine Joy Morada
  5. Monika Bianka Tiberio