Proponent Agency

National Meat Inspection Service


26-30 July 2021


Client Experience

General Description

The NMIS Portal aims to institutionalize the process of managing client queries. This portal will help the stakeholders not only to comply with meat safety regulations; it will also improve client transactions and activities.

Project Background

Especially during the onset of the pandemic, the NMIS has been faced with problems in the filtering, trafficking, and handling of requests, complaints, queries, and assistance. Even before the COVID-19 incident, offline handling of transactions has been a problem for the organization. Aside from long queues and long transaction times, clients are frustrated due to run-around, long waits, and mishandled queries.

Now that the pandemic has taken its toll on how we do things, it has been doubly hard for the agency to filter and direct the massive transactions they receive daily. Inquiries and complaints would come from different channels, resulting in unresolved problems and, worse unattended complaints.

Thus, this portal will help the team traffic the transaction to the appropriate action centers. Also, it will ease the citizens of the tedious processes that they used to have. Furthermore, the public will be more educated through more accessible access to data and more flexible inquiry management.

Potential Impact

  1. Real-time assistance
  2. Advisory and Announcement
  3. Easier access to data
  4. Proper handling of queries and complaints
  5. Public education of NMIS
  6. Compliance with meat handling standards
  7. Faster turnaround time

Project Features

  1. Interactive web portal: The NMIS Client Support Portal is an interactive web portal that directs visitors to various features and offerings of the site. The following are the initial contents of the portal: About the portal, services, requirements and permits, and Interactive resources.
  2. Assistance Page- An assistance page will feature interactive assistance to the page’s visitors. The public will be guided into availing of services through a ticketing system. Furthermore, FAQs will be developed for faster inquiry handling.
  3. Feed backing: A feedbacking mechanism will be present to address other concerns that the portal may not have addressed. This feedback will be duly directed to the concerned departments for immediate response and resolution.

Project Milestones

  1. Prototype Development and Enhancement – August 2021
  2. Prototype Testing – August 2021
  3. Management Presentation – September 2021
  4. Virtual Launch – October 2021

Innovation Team

Name: #Safemeatforall

Innovation Champion: Engr. Erwin Ruiz
Innovation Manager: Dr. Clarita M. Sangcal

Team Members:

  1. Dr. Rona Regina I. Reyes
  2. Dr. Cheryl Rose B. Cayad-an
  3. Dr. January M. Nones
  4. Danica Angeline P. Dimaya
  5. Jannilyn S. Villaflor