Proponent Agency

Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System


24-28 August 2020


Streamlining of Processes

General Description

Project e-Route aims to enhance its existing data management system that will incorporate a document tracking feature that will streamline the routing process. Aside from the goal of a paperless routing system, it aims to improve the efficiency of handling, transmitting, storing, and documenting daily transactions.

Project Background

While ensuring the uninterrupted water supply in the metropolis, the MWSS tirelessly coordinates with concessionaires and partners in delivering quality service to the public. A significant activity of the agency is monitoring and addressing issues of their stakeholders, mostly concessionaires, partners, and operators. Due to the nature of their mandate and the various concerns arising in the water system, the influx of queries, complaints, issues, and incidences is tremendous daily.

The organization now observes a manual transmittal and routing of documents. Not only is it a tedious process, but the endorsement, monitoring, and execution process also are not standardized, which has caused a significant amount of backlog in their customer service. Hence, the challenge of handling, monitoring, and documenting these concerns is hampering the agency’s efficiency.

Thus, an initiative of integrating a document routing mechanism in their data management system is seen to reduce their turn-around time significantly. Not to mention that an increase in customer satisfaction will be realized.

Potential Impact

  1. Reduced turn-around time of tickets
  2. Paperless routing system
  3. Increased productivity of personnel
  4. Increase in customer service satisfaction rating

Project Features

  1. Document Evaluation Tool: An embedded application that provides templates for reports will be integrated into the system. It will also evaluate the completeness of the documents before endorsement.
  2. Transaction Monitoring- A monitoring system will allow the users to track the document’s status, thus allowing the users to identify choke points and issues in processing a particular document.
  3. Security and Annotation Feature- There will be security access levels that will help in ensuring the integrity of the process. Furthermore, an annotation feature will be present to track the recent revisions, activities, and personnel involved throughout the life of the document’s routing process.
  4. Archiving – Since the process will now be paperless, an archiving system will be present to ensure availability, integrity, and documentation of the various voluminous transactions the agency is processing.
  5. Intuitive Alerts and Notifications – Notifications and alerts will be sent to concerned individuals handling a particular document. This would ensure timely and efficient monitoring and execution of a ticket.

Implementation Plan

  1. Prototype Improvement/Consultation with MWSS RO IMC – September 2020
  2. Initial Pitching to Management – September 2020
  3. Pilot Testing to TA’s – October 2020
  4. Training and Pilot Testing to FRA – October 2020
  5. Evaluation Report to Management – November 2020
  6. Pilot Project Improvement – December 2020
  7. Training and Testing to All Regulation Areas – December 2020
  8. Evaluation Report to Management – January 2021
  9. Project Finalization and Implementation – February 2021

Innovation Team

Name: Regulators

Innovation Champion: Lee Britanico
Innovation Manager: Vicky Villarba

Team Members:

  1. Rosendo Alegre
  2. Ronald Valdez
  3. Joriel Dagsa
  4. Leo James Abaloyan
  5. Monic Rodriguez