The Doc S In is the innovation team of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) who came up with QuickDocs. The project came about because of their goal to improve the efficiency of the existing document management system. Using relevant information and gathered insights, the team was able to identify key issues on the document management system which include management support for funding, information dissemination, timeliness, control of documents, MMDA personnel intervention, resource waste, storage facility, and traceability. To resolve the issues mentioned, they came up with solution ideas such as revision/formulation of policy, training and awareness sessions, facility improvement, and a document tracking system. Through the prioritization criteria, QuickDocs came out to be the best to pursue. QuickDocs is a system accessible through the web or via mobile that has features like User’s Assistance and an Ask Help Button for ease of use. It ensures secure transactions with certain features needing access rights and is back-up ready. Moreover, it shows the audit trail of transaction history and users’ actions. It also exports reports in different formats. With QuickDocs, the MMDA could print barcodes, identify a unique reference number for tracking, scan documents, track all internal and external documents, check the status of the documents online, display and monitor documents’ status based on document security level, distribute Administrative Issuances within the system, notify documents’ recipients with just one pop-up, and generate reports.


The team also shared some more insights during the workshop. Some of their insights include:

  1. There is a need for management financial support.
  2. Ensure MMDA’s inter-office document dissemination.
  3. There is a need for real-time availability of documents.
  4. Ensure MMDA compliance with the existing laws on systems and procedures e.g. CSC, NAP, Operator manual.
  5. Improve the processing time for approval and release of documents.
  6. MMDA documents must be copyrighted and protected from theft.
  7. Define the responsibilities in document management.
  8. A review of documents should be strengthened.
  9. Ensure that the operations manual & QMS control of documents are followed and implemented.
  10. Reduce waste by implementing a paperless distribution of documents.
  11. The MMDA needs to ensure the availability of buffer stops.
  12. There is a need for a well-ventilated storage area free from termite infestation.
  13. Documents should have a centralized reference number.
  14. Track and monitor the status of documents in real-time.

The above-mentioned issues on MMDA’s document management system were clustered into the following themes:

  1. Strong management support for funding
  2. Information dissemination
  3. Timeliness
  4. Control of documents
  5. MMDA personnel intervention
  6. Resource waste
  7. Storage facility
  8. Traceability

Innovation Project

The Doc S In have come up with QuickDocs to resolve their problem in document management and be able to provide timely and error-free document service delivery. MMDA QuickDocs is a system that can track the location and status of documents within MMDA offices, accessible to authorized personnel 24/7 anywhere. It ensures the security and reliability of transactions. Its features are as follows:

  • QuickDocs Design Consideration
    1. Quickly Accessible(Web-Based and Accessible in Mobile Phone)
    2. User-Friendly (Easy to use and Simple)
    3. User’s Assistance
    4. Frequently Asked Questions
    5. User’s Manual
    6. Ask Help Button
    7. Secured Transactions
    8. Password enabled Log-in
    9. Audit trail of transaction History
    10. Audit trail of Users Action inside the system
    11. Anti-hacking facility
    12. Create/Update Accounts with Access Rights
    13. Export Reports in different formats
    14. Color Codes for easier determination of the status of documents (on-time, overdue, etc.)
    15. Dashboard for Chairman, Records Division-Administrative Service, End-Users and System Administrator.
    16. Automatic back-up and restore button
    17. Off-site storage back-up (for service continuity plan)
  • QuickDocs Key Features
    1. Print Barcodes
    2. Unique Reference Number for tracking
    3. Scan Documents with Barcode
    4. Track all internal and external documents
    5. Online Checking of the status of Documents available on Mobile Phone
    6. Display and Monitor Documents/status/based on document security level
    7. E-distribution of Administrative Issuances
    8. Pop-up notification for document recipients
    9. System Generated Report

Project Success Measures

Through QuickDocs, the agency will be able to improve the efficiency of the existing document management system, improve information dissemination, timeliness, and control of documents. Thus, the success measures of the project are as follows:

  1. Faster retrieval of documents from 60 to 10 minutes
  2. 50% reduction of paper and ink
  3. Faster dissemination of documents 60 to 30 minutes
  4. Document tracking in 60 seconds