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University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines


June 8-12, 2019


Performance Management

General Description

The iPerform is a web-based faculty evaluation system that addresses the time consuming and laborious process of faculty evaluation in the USTP.

Project Background

The University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP), in line with its mandate to provide quality instruction to its students, ensures the continual improvement of the performance of its faculty in the delivery of instruction. Thus, an effective evaluation system that can capture the students, faculty and immediate superior’s feedback on the faculty’s performance and help enhance their teaching effectiveness is needed to ensure the provision of quality instruction to its students.

Through the analysis of the challenges of the USTP in the administration of the manual evaluation system, the Innovation Team generated several ideas and insights to address the challenge: How can we improve the process of faculty evaluation because we want to improve the performance of faculty through an effective evaluation system with a timely and quality feedback? The team processed the insights and their combined ideas, until they came up with the iPerform: USTP Faculty Teaching Effectiveness Evaluation System.

Potential Impact

  1. Unbiased and timely feedback on faculty performance;
  2. Processing of faculty evaluation within 7days
  3. Secured, confidential and reliable results
  4. Established feedback mechanism between the faculty and supervisor on performance

Project Features

  1. System Security – The users, faculty, students and immediate superior can use their student number or employee number and password to access the iPerform. They can also view the faculty evaluation guidelines upon log-in.
  2. User’s Evaluation – The users can monitor the active, inactive and completed evaluations. They can also evaluate the faculty members with confidentiality.
  3. Random Assignment of Evaluation – The system automatically randomizes the selection of classes per faculty to ensure the objectivity in the evaluation.
  4. Faculty Evaluation Form – The users can fill-out the online evaluation form and evaluate the faculty based on the components stipulated in the QCE NBC No. 461.
  5. Evaluation Report – The faculty can view and print the system-generated results of their evaluation.  The management, on the other hand, can view the summary of the reports per course or per faculty.
  6. Feedback Mechanism – The faculty’s immediate superior can also discuss the results of the evaluation to them

Project Milestones

  • Problem Identification and Stakeholder Consultation – June, 2019
  • Proposal Making and Presentation – July, 2019
  • Planning and Systems Design Analysis – Aug, 2019
  • Database and User Interface Design – Sep, 2019
  • Prototyping and Testing – Oct-Dec, 2019
  • Deployment and Evaluation – Jan, 2020
  • Reiterate – Feb, 2020
  • Scale-up – Mar, 2020

Innovation Team

  • Innovation Team Name: TechnoVator
  • Innovation Champion: Dr. Rosalito A. Quirino (OIC)
  • Team Members
    • Horacio Emmanuel S. Factura III
    • Ruth April A. Labajan
    • Jomar C. Llevado
    • Kenneth James Bryle G. Magsayo
    • Ronnie L. Besagas