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Government Service Insurance System


November 25-29, 2019



General Description

The GConnect shall increase stakeholders’ awareness on premium remittances. Also aims to update the members and increase collections of GSIS.

Project Background

The GSIS is a social insurance institution that provides a defined benefit scheme under the law. It insures its members against the occurrence of certain contingencies in exchange for their monthly premium contributions. GSIS members are entitled to an array of social security benefits, such as life insurance benefits, separation or retirement benefits, and disability benefits. To better improve its current services, the GSIS Innovation Team interviewed several clients in one of their service centers to come up with new and innovative solutions addressing their concerns. It was later found out that the existing eGSISmo website and GSIS communication platforms could be improved and expanded for a more responsive and seamless public service.

Moreover, the Innovation Team also faces the following challenges: limited budget, short timelines, system provider, management support. Through the analysis of the challenges of the GSIS in the processing of the annotated copy of client documents, the Innovation Team generated several ideas and insights to address the challenge:  How might we increase the awareness of GSIS members on premium remittances because we want them to be updated and be able to maximize their benefits and privileges. The team combined ideas and further processed the insights, until they came up with the GConnect: An Enhanced Customer Service Experience.

Potential Impact

  1. Make its member well-informed
  2. Minimize client waiting time
  3. Increase customer level of satisfaction
  4. Provide 24/7seamless process 
  5. Make its services convenient and efficient
  6. Enhance organizational  effectiveness

Project Features

  • Online verification of complete records anytime, anywhere
  • Responsive queuing SMS alerts for walk-in clients
  • Online payment system with multiple partner establishments.
  • Expanded appointment system for pensioners, liaison officers and members
  • Online filing of retirement and life insurance claims
  • Inclusion of all payables across different payment channels
  • Interactive eGSISMO website with chatbot, instant reply and messaging
  • Responsive eGSISMP call center

Project Milestones

  • Ideation (Jan-Feb 2020)
  • Preparation and Submission of GSW for G Connect (Feb-Mar 2020)
  • Creation of Office Order for Formation of TWG (Mar 2020)
  • Coordination with ITSC and Other Concerned Units (Apr-Jun 2020)
  • Preparation and Submission of PPG and MC2022 (Jun-Aug 2020)
  • Sign-off PPG and MC (Sep 2020)
  • Review and Approval of Mancom / BOT (Oct 2020)
  • Implementation (Nov 2020)

Innovation Team

  • Innovation Team Name: Gold Squad
  • Innovation Champion: Rachel T. Edjan
  • Innovation Manager: Enrico L. Torres
  • Team Members
    • Jose Hudson T. Villaranda
    • Flordeliza L. Imperial
    • Jemaine Marie M. Layag