LRA Futurists is the Innovation Team of the Land Registration Authority. With the aspiration of the team to improve the issuance of a Certification, Certified True Copy and Verification, they came up with the eASY-CCV as their innovation project. Using relevant information, the team was able to identify different issues surrounding the registration and verification of land titles. Issues include records management, process-related problems, LRA employment and resources, inadequate policies and issuances on CCVs, and, payment issues. Through thorough brainstorming, the team came up with key ideas like Internet-based transactions, satellite office, payment methods, and, a door-to-door delivery. LRA Futurists combined all these ideas into one project they called eASY-CCV – where internet-based transactions, mall kiosks, different payment modes, and a door-to-door delivery is now made possible. The project is aimed to improve customer convenience and transaction security while improving services through an online request of CCV.


The LRA Futurists shared their gathered information related to the processes of registration and verification of land titles and identified issues and opportunities for improvement. Some of their insights are as follows:

  1. There is a shortage of accountable forms and receipts.
  2. Processing of transaction and approval takes a long time
  3. Records are often mismanaged.
  4. They are hesitant to issue a negative transaction.
  5. The vault copy of titles is lost.
  6. Printed copies can easily deteriorate.
  7. Images of CCV are unreadable.
  8. It’s not convenient to go to the Regional Office (RO) to request for CCV.
  9. Wrong entry of title numbers.
  10. No reliever for entry clerks, JOs, printing clerks, releasing clerks, and cashiers.
  11. Some employees have attitudinal problems.
  12. Voluminous transactions can stress the encoders and commit errors.
  13. No special lane for Senior Citizens, Pregnant Women, and People with Disabilities.
  14. There are WAN link outages in extension offices in malls.
  15. Some CCV Requests are unclaimed.
  16. Transaction costs can be expensive.
  17. Payments are not remitted.
  18. Customers pay extra for “convenience”.
  19. Printed copies are costly.

These issues were clustered into six (6) themes:

  1. Records Management
  2. Process-Related Issues
  3. Lack of LRA Employment
  4. Lack of LRA Resources
  5. Inadequate CCV Policies and Issuance
  6. Payment Issues

Innovation Project

The innovation team considered all the alternative solutions that they generated and came up with a combined solution that they call eASY-CCV which means Electronic Application System for CCV. The program features are as follows:

  1. Internet-based Transactions
    1. Access Anywhere
    2. Online verification
    3. User-friendly
    4. Real-time title status
  2. Self-Service CCV Kiosks at malls
  3. Payment and Delivery Methods
    1. Electronic cashless payment system
    2. Use of email and SMS for status updating
    3. Pick-up or Door to door delivery of document

Project Success Measures

Through the eASY-CCV project, the agency will be able to improve the issuance of a Certification, Certified True Copy and Verification, improve process-related problems and the inadequate policies and issuances on CCVs Thus, the success measures of the project are as follows:

  1. Customer convenience and transaction security
  2. Better services through online request of CCV