The Change Agents is the Innovation Team of the Mactan Cebu International Airport Authority (MCIAA). They came up with an innovation project called E-Restricted Area Pass Application (E-RAP). It came from their ambition to improve the processing time for the issuance of the restricted area pass (RAP). Using relevant data, the team was able to identify different issues surrounding the RAP. Issues on RAP include the different accountabilities, GMR Megawide Cebu Airport Corporation (GMCAC), a Filipino-led consortium managing MCIA’s terminal operations and other related areas, does not have a Standard Operating Procedure, some relationship difficulty with GMCAC, the applicants’ poor compliance on requirements, unclear policies, poor records keeping, and delayed approval. The team came up with different solution ideas like online application, approval and downloading of required documents, posters and personnel to remind applicants about the application requirements, policies and process flows/rules, use of videos and infomercials, set in IPCR “0” as target for lost documents, daily monitoring of supervisors, training on records keeping, development of standards on records keeping, recognition scheme for good record-keeping practices, and set standard processing time for approval, payment, and printing. The team pursued E-RAP, an online system that controls processing and issuance of the RAP, features online application, downloading of documents and approval. The project aims to streamline the application and processing of RAP, as well as, provide clients with a hassle-free, fast and convenient transaction.

Ideas Generated

Solution ideas were generated through a thorough brainstorming using techniques like re-expression of issues, related world, and other related techniques. The team came up with the following ideas:

  1. Online application and approval
  2. Requirements are posted on the website
  3. Online downloading of required documents
  4. Documents must be scanned so they are kept electronically in one e-file folder
  5. Text messages must be sent to notify approval
  6. There is an application status information or tracking system to be updated
  7. Approved Passes to be delivered
  8. Establish application kiosks
  9. Ask the guards to remind applicants to check their requirements
  10. Post interesting signages of the list of requirements that may be in forms of videos, infomercials, and flyers
  11. Post policies, process, flow and rules
  12. Set the IPCR target to “0” on lost documents
  13. Develop a standard on records keeping
  14. Supervisors should monitor the process daily
  15. Train employees on records keeping
  16. Establish a recognition scheme of good record-keeping practices
  17. MCIAA should take control of the printing machine
  18. Procure own printing machine for MCIAA and train the personnel on how to operate the machine
  19. Electronic system should be controlled by MCIAA
  20. Require GMCAC Citizens’ charter to be consistent with MCIAA’s processes
  21. Monitor GMCAC’s services
  22. Set a standard processing time for approval, request, and printing
  23. Review the CA
  24. Conduct process or system audit
  25. Monitor the policy implementation strictly
  26. Impose sanctions on violations
  27. Amend the
  28. Inclusion of amended 00 to the A0 No.3
  29. Share social activities to strengthen relationships
  30. Set team building activities with GMCAC
  31. Provide avenues through fellowship and regular meeting
  32. Reach out to former GMCAC employees
  33. MOG must be a 2-way process and be a regular meeting

Innovation Project

The Change Agents came up with E-Restricted Area Pass Application (E-RAP) to resolve the issues on the processing of the RAP, making it hassle-free, fast and convenient. The E-RAP is an online system, wherein MCIAA will be in full control on the processing and issuance of the RAP. E-RAP is a timesaving and cost-effective system, which shall serve as a modernized interface between applicants and MCIAA and capture online application, downloading of documents and approval. It aims to shorten the queueing process so that clients will be able to save time and effort in securing their RAP.

Project Success Measures

Through E-Restricted Area Pass Application (E-RAP),  the agency will be able to improve the processing time for the issuance of the restricted area pass (RAP), improve the delayed approval and poor records keeping. Thus, the success measures of the project are as follows:

  1. Streamline the application and processing of Restricted Area Pass
  2. Provide our clients with a hassle-free, fast and convenient transaction