Team Sabaw is the innovation team of the Department of Transportation (DOTr). They came up with the project KwikBooks. This came from the team’s inspiration to develop an effective project monitoring system for the stakeholders. Using relevant information, the team was able to identify three (3) key issues surrounding the project monitoring database, which are data reporting system, DOTr policies and personnel, and the project monitoring process. Through brainstorming the team came up with creative ideas to address the issues, which include project monitoring procedure, project data request system, project information monitoring system, and advocacy and capability building programs. The team, through idea mash-up and idea enhancements, came up with Kwikbooks. It is a centralized database of all DOTr related projects, which features include easy access, i.e., anytime and anywhere, fast and easy report generation, monitoring and evaluation of projects made available, and, updatable data. The project aims to centralize the database for all projects, eliminate human errors, make data available, and easy and fast report generation.


Other than the information gathered through the available reports, the team also shared their insights on the surrounding issues regarding the development of the project monitoring system. They further brainstormed on why they encounter problems as regards to the project monitoring database and the issues identified are as follows:

  1. There are some issues with the availability and retrievability of data while some are outdated.
  2. Some data and reports are inconsistent and redundant as they are reported manually by different offices.
  3. There are some complications concerning the employees’ and staff’s acceptance of new systems, particularly with the older members.
  4. Some employees lack the willingness to provide and explain the process.
  5. The evaluators lack technical expertise.
  6. There are issues with the sensitivity of some information.
  7. There is a lack of policies or issuances in answering queries about feasibility studies.
  8. Policies and policy violations are not strictly enforced.
  9. There are issues with the current organizational structure.
  10. There are problems with the number and availability of signatories.
  11. Client requests are not responded to promptly or clearly.
  12. There should be a proper and relevant process to forward academic people to the office concerned.
  13. There is no focal person or a one-man authority who will provide the particulars of a certain project.
  14. The delivery of the response is not monitored.
  15. There are some issues with the timeliness of response or processing per office.
  16. There is a lack for accountability of process owners.

The issues were summarized into the following:

  1. Data Reporting System
  2. DOTr Policies
  3. DOTr Personnel
  4. Project Monitoring Process
  5. Others

Innovation Project

The team came up with the innovation project, KwikBooks. It is a system that aims to free reports from human errors and for easier access to data. It has the following features:

  1. Centralized database of all DOTr related projects
  2. Accessible anytime, anywhere
  3. Fast and easy report generation
  4. Monitoring and evaluation of projects
  5. Updatable data

Project Success Measures

Through KwikBooks, the agency will be able develop an effective project monitoring system for the stakeholders, improve the data reporting system and improve their project monitoring process. Thus, the success measures of the project are as follows:

  1. Centralized database for all projects
  2. Elimination of human errors in reports
  3. Data is readily available upon request
  4. Easy and fast report generation