Eye-Know is the innovation team of the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) which came up with the innovation project called DICT Knowledge Management System.  The team wanted to design a system that will acquire and share organizational knowledge within DICT. Using the gathered information, the team identified areas of concern which are the lack of knowledge-sharing culture, the lack of awareness, and the lack of a centralized repository of organizational knowledge. The team generated ideas through different brainstorming techniques which are to create policies and guidelines on organizational management, cultivate culture on knowledge management, and implement a system for collecting, storing and sharing knowledge.  All these ideas make up the DICT Knowledge Management System – Eye-Know’s innovation project. The project aims to raise awareness regarding knowledge management, organize all data, to ultimately improve organizational performance.


The team gathered information regarding the current processes of the DICT’s knowledge management system. They shared amongst each other their insights on the issues that they encountered on Knowledge Management (KM). After a careful analysis of the data gathered and the exchange of insights, the identified issues were as follows:

  1. Lessons learned should be properly documented and shared through a collaborative report and group output.
  2. Training should be discussed or presented during the executive committee.
  3. The absorptive capacity and staff readiness should be evaluated.
  4. Understaffing and overloading of staff is due to incompetent superiors not properly distributing work assignments.
  5. The office is not open to accepting new ideas.
  6. There is a lack of collaboration among units because of the absence of knowledge-sharing culture, lack of designated time for knowledge sharing, and presence of information silos.
  7. The stakeholders are not consulted properly.
  8. There is no handy reference for knowledge sharing.
  9. The employees are not knowledgeable enough to prepare a project proposal.
  10. Searching for information is a waste of time.
  11. The budget is not properly utilized.
  12. Deadlines and timeliness are not highly valued.

All of the ideas gathered can be clustered into the following themes:

  1. Lack of knowledge-sharing culture
  2. Lack of awareness or appreciation of knowledge sharing
  3. Lack of a centralized repository of organizational knowledge

Innovation Project

The Eye-Know team has come up with the following projects to resolve their problem in knowledge management, utilize readily available knowledge and improve organizational performance:

Policies and Guidelines To come up with clear and consistent policies and guidelines
Systems and Procedures To produce approved procedures on knowledge management through an operations manual and design an application system dedicated to it
Shared Values on Organizational Culture Development To provide training on policies, guidelines and procedures, create a template on developing organizational knowledge, conduct hands-on training about the online system
To provide training on policies, guidelines, and procedures, arrange a venue for sharing and give rewards and recognition to rightful employees and officials who effectively and efficiently shared data among the DICT

Project Success Measure

Through the DICT Knowledge Management System, the agency will be able to acquire and share organizational knowledge within DICT and establish a centralized repository of organizational knowledge. Thus, project success measure is organizational performance through organized and real-time access to data.