Proponent Agency

Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University


June 8-12, 2019


Citizen-centered Services

General Description

The DiAL is an e-learning management system that will capacitate adult learners for personal growth and professional development; improve their skills by up skilling, reskilling, and cross-skilling; provide them the relevant job skills; and provide relevant programs that are responsive to the need of the community to promote self-reliance and generate jobs.

Project Background

The DMMMSU has an Open University System (OUS) that aims to enable people, expand opportunities, enhance employment and employability, ensure sustainable communities, and encourage entrepreneurship. This OUS currently operates independently from the three (3) campuses of the DMMMSU and offers two (2) learning modalities for its students: individualized and group paced.

Through the assessment of the current set-up of the DMMMSU OUS, the Innovation Team generated several ideas and insights to address the challenge: How might we integrate the Learning Management System of the OUS in the University to strengthen the provision of inclusive and equitable education and promotion of lifelong learning opportunities?The team processed the insights and combined their ideas, until they came up with the DMMMSU i-Academy for Lifelong Learning (DiAL).

Potential Impact

  • Better student and instructor experience
  • Increased number of enrolees of the DMMMSU OUS
  • Integrated learning management system of the OUS in all campuses/colleges of the DMMMSU

Project Features

  1. Student Information System – The students can enrol online through the DMMSU Online Enrolment System. They can create, manage, and secure their accounts. Student activities, such as courses and examinations taken, recently viewed messages and grades can also be tracked. The students will also be able to access and use the different tools in the system.
  2. Course Tools – The students can collaborate with each other on course tasks/activities through online video conferencing and lectures; share their relevant details and events about the course through the course portfolio, course calendar, and announcements; access contact information of all course administrators and teaching assistants; take exams, submit assignments, and track their performance; send e-mails to the course administrators and teaching assistants; and, co-create and collaborate on texts through the Wiki and Glossary.
  3. Administration Management – Course administrators can create and upload instructional materials through the Build Content function; manage course contents through the Content Area function; and, track students’ performance through the Grade Center. The course administrators can also monitor and analyze the activities of the learners through the Learning Analytics which can be used in identifying and providing other interventions for the students.

Project Milestones

  • Development of Learning Management System (Alpha Testing)
  • Pilot Implementation (Beta)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation                                             
  • Revisions and Repackaging                                                 
  • Full Implementation Oct-Dec 2019

Innovation Team

  • Innovation Team Name: TEAM SIGLAT
  • Innovation Champion: Dr. Jaime I. Manuel, JR.
  • Innovation Manager:  Dr. Junifer Rey Tabafunda
  • Team Members
    • Dr. Gregory B. Viste
    • Dr. Priscilo P. Fontanilla Jr.
    • Kenneth Bayani
    • Hartwell Norman M. Merza
    • Dr. Emmanuel J. Songcuan
    • Dr. Floribeth P. Cuison
    • Dr. Joanne C. Rivera