Proponent Agency

Philippine Statistics Authority


August 5 to 9, 2019


Service Quality

General Description

The DeCAP shall decentralize the annotation process of civil registry documents which have undergone administrative corrections (RA 9048, RA 10172, and supplemental report).

Project Background

Annotations are remarks or statements reflected on the birth, marriage, or death document to indicate that some entries in the original document have been corrected or changed as a result of a court decree or administrative decisions (Legal Instruments, RA 9048, RA 10172, and supplemental reports). As of 2018, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has processed 766,674 annotated documents. Clients will also have to go to the PSA Central Office in Quezon City or Pasay just to ensure timely processing, which could be a problem for those based in far-flung areas. In some cases, it usually takes 2-6 months to finally release the annotated copy. 

Moreover, the PSA also faces the following challenges: inadequate manpower, IT system and developer issues as well as the authenticity of client documents. Through the analysis of the challenges of the PSA in the processing of the annotated copy of client documents, the Innovation Team generated several ideas and insights to address the challenge:  How might we improve the process of copy issuance of annotated CRDs because we want to provide a hassle-free, fast, convenient and quality service to our clientele and stakeholders.

The team combined ideas and further processed the insights, until they came up with the DeCAP: Decentralized Copy Annotation Project.

Potential Impact:

  1. Decentralize the processing of RA 10172, RA 9048 and Supplemental Reports (correction of up to 2 entries) 
  2. Lessen the burden of clients and provide a cost-efficient alternative
  3. Eliminate fixing due to longer processing time of annotation requests
  4. Reduce time processing of monthly report from two to six months to within 15 working days
  5. Improve accessibility of clients and stakeholders with the service
  6. Improved relations with the stakeholders (City/Municipal Civil Registry) 
  7. Minimize 8888 complaints

Project Features

  • Decentralized annotation process of civil registry documents which undergone administrative corrections (RA 9048, RA 10172, and supplemental report) 
  • Online processing of annotation of civil registry documents under RA 9048, RA 10172, and supplemental report (1-2 missing entries and approved supplemental report by CRG) at the Regional Serbilis Outlets
  • CRASD Chief shall have direct supervision with the Annotation Group at the Outlet
  • Reduce processing time from 2-6months to 15 working days 
  • Better feedback mechanism of processed documents – easy coordination with concerned City/Municipal Civil Registrars
  • Empower the PSA Field Offices on civil registration

Project Milestones

  • Submission and Approval of Concept Design (Aug 2019)
  • Prepare Manuals of Annotation Process (Sep 2019)
  • Development of EAS (Electronic Annotation System) (Oct-Dec, 2019)
  • Capacity Building (Oct-Nov, 2019)
  • 3rd Level Training of Civil Registrars (Dec, 2019-Jan, 2020)
  • Pilot Implementation Region 1, VisMin (1st qtr, 2020)
  • Expansion of Decentralized Annotation Process (2020 onwards, and other serbilis outlets)

Innovation Team

  • Innovation Team Name: Smarter
  • Innovation Champion:  Asec. Daniel A. Ariaso, Sr.
  • Innovation Manager: Marizza B. Grande
  • Team Members:
    1. Atty. Henedine P. Palabras
    2. Ruben Litan
    3. Aurelia A. Alido
    4. Janeth F. Baclao
    5. Emilio Querubin Jr.
    6. Robert Joseph Coronado