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Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC)


26-30 July 2021


Client Experience

General Description

Dial CICC (3933) is a call center that not only assists victims of cybercrime. It is also a platform for educating the public about cybercrime, the cybercrime law, and the CICC. Its main aim is to provide opportunities and accessibility to citizens to develop capabilities to participate in upholding the law actively. The first step in achieving such is to raise public consciousness of cybercrime. Thus an assistance center accessible through landline, mobile, and internet will be launched.

Project Background

Despite the rampant cybercrime, the public is yet to become aware of the different options, remedies, and activities to combat such. One primary reason is the awareness of the people, not only of the various concepts and activities of cybercrime but of the governing institutions as well. Given such a situation, it is doubly hard for CICC, a coordinating center of various agencies that must fortify their identities and mandates to the public.

Thus, an information campaign that aims not only to educate but generate active public participation will be launched through an assistance center. This cybercrime victim assistance and coordinating platform will cater to queries, complaints, and education of the public. Coupled with a communication campaign, the project aims to teach cybercrime law to the public. This will spearhead active participation in upholding the cybercrime law.

Potential Impact

  1. Real-time assistance
  2. Awareness of the cybercrime law
  3. Active participation in upholding the cybercrime law
  4. Seamless delivery of assistance
  5. Integrated coordinating platform with external players
  6. Calibrated and synchronized movement of various cyber agencies
  7. Heightened sense of security of the public when it comes to cybercrime

Project Features

  1. Integrated Platform: A platform that houses online and offline channels that the public can access anytime. Cyber Patrol will be on the landline, mobile, web, and social media.
  2. Information Campaign- An information dissemination campaign will be at various touch points. Using online platforms such as FB, Instagram, Youtube, and web ads along with offline materials such as infographics and flyers will heighten the awareness-building activities of the activity.
  3. Integration of Partner Agencies: Being a coordinating center, Cyber Patrol will work for hand in hand with various governing agencies to ensure that the public will be directed to proper authorities in dealing with their cybercrime experiences.
  4. Assistance and Advisories: Legal advice and assistance will also be a significant platform offering. Cybercrime, being new to the public, must be taught to the public.
  5. 24/7 Assistance: The call center will be available 24/7 to the public. Whether for legal advice, complaint, or simple assistance is accessible anytime, anywhere.
  6. Coordinating Branches: Branch offices will be set up nationwide to ensure maximum reach. Programs may also be tailored to various areas regarding dialects, format, and infrastructure.
  7. Cybercrime Assistance: CICC recognizes the expenses of dealing with cybercrime. Cyber Patrol will partner with various public and private organizations to offer assistance in shouldering the financial burdens of dealing with cybercrime.

Project Milestones

  1. Prototype Development and Enhancement – August 2021
  2. Prototype Testing – October 2021
  3. Management Presentation – December 2021
  4. Training and Certification – January 2022
  5. Pilot Implementation – June 2022

Innovation Team

Name: Cyber Warriors

Innovation Champion: Cesar Mancao II
Innovation Manager: Atty. Rexford P. Ramos

Team Members:

  1. Edwin M. Paala
  2. Kahlil Valencia Labastilla
  3. Manuael Satuito