Proponent Agency

Land Bank of the Philippines Resources and Development Corporation


26-30 October 2020



Project Background

LBP Resources and Development Corporation (LBRDC) is a wholly-owned and controlled subsidiary of Land Bank of the Philippines presently engaged in construction, project management, brokering services, and real estate management and development. LBRDC was created in 1975 to serve as an investment diversification for landowners whose properties have been covered by the agrarian reform law in the form of real estate development and construction.

Currently, they have been using technology and environmental safety processes to deliver their service in construction, real estate management, property maintenance, and manpower supportive of the goals and objectives of the Landbank of the Philippines. However, one of the challenges that the LBRDC encounters is the efficiency and effectiveness of construction project management and implementation.

Thus, the LBPRDC came up with an innovation challenge: How might we maintain sustainable construction materials for the entire project duration, because we want to ensure quality operation to our stakeholders without any hindrances due to construction delays.

General Description

The CMD Matanglawin IMS is a system where all construction materials are procured, delivered, and used on all projects. Its site will be effectively and efficiently monitored to avoid construction delays and complete a project in the most time and cost-efficient manner.

Potential Impact

  1. Updated monitoring of construction materials at the project sites.
  2. Timely completion of the construction project.
  3. Accurate and prompt delivery of construction materials on project sites.

Project Features

  1. Materials Monitoring – The status of construction materials per project, including quantity, delivery date, and unused materials, could be easily monitored.
  2. Cloud Inventory – An online data storage where all the inventory of the construction materials needed for the construction project implementation is available. It has a feature that flags construction materials that have reached the minimum number of stock.

Project Milestones

Enhancement of the CMD Matanglawin Inventory Management System; consultation with an IT consultant; Update on the existing procurement for the CIS20 November 2020
CMD Innovators prototype testing among themselves4 December 2020
Test to End-Users (TL, PE, IC, EU)7-11 December 2020
Enhancement of the CMD Matanglawin Inventory Management SystemDecember 2020 – January 2021
ICMD Innovators Team Meeting in preparation for presentation to AdminJanuary – April 2021
Schedule an appointment/meeting with the Admin for the presentation
Presentation to Admin for their buy-in
Monitor and ensure coordination of Admin to Accounting/Board for their approval
Procurement of software
Creation of communication plan, manuals for dissemination to the EU, TL, IC, and PE
Orientation on CMD Matanglawin Inventory Management System
Dry run/soft launch of the CMD Matanglawin Inventory Management System
Beta Test to all stakeholders
Gather feedback for continuous improvement of CMD Matanglawin IMS
Annual maintenance/upgrade of the CMD Matanglawin IMS

Innovation Team

Name: CMD Innovators

Innovation Champion: Jonas Salazar
Innovation Manager: France Kimberly Francisco

Team Members:

  1. Tomas Tuazon
  2. Eldie P. Ocon
  3. Christopher Dela Cruz
  4. Jobert Barce
  5. Arnold Dela Cruz