Proponent Agency

Parole and Probation Authority


24-28 August 2020



Project Background

With the recent ISO certification of the PPA, it has launched new initiatives to enhance its service delivery to the public. To date, PPA is set to utilize information technology systems such as the Probation Information System (PIS), Human Resource Management and Information Development System (HRMDIS), Single Carpeta System (SCS), and Case Management Information System (CMIS) in the conduct of the investigation, supervision, and rehabilitation of parolees and pardonees. In particular, the CMIS is used by the PPA in effectively managing case information and records of PPA clients. However, one major challenge that the agency is currently facing is the low utilization and appreciation of the CMIS in the different Regional Offices (ROs) and Parole and Probation Offices (PPOs) due to several factors such as resistance to change, difficulties experienced in cascading, internet connectivity in the area of the ROs/PPOs.

Thus, the PPA posed an innovation challenge: How might we effectively assist our trainers/users in using the CMIS because we want to effectively monitor and provide access to information regarding the investigation, supervision, and rehabilitation data?

General Description

The CMIS Support Portal aims to support the Parole Probation and Administration (PPA) in ensuring a widened adoption and utilization of the Case Management Information System (CMIS). The portal is an interactive platform that will provide its users with relevant information and technical support to utilize the CMIS. The project is intended to be used by the Case Management and Records Division (CMRD), the Regional Directors, Chief Parole and Probation Officers, and other Parole and Probation Officers.

Potential Impact

  1. 50% increase in the utilization of the CMIS among PPA ROs and PPOs
  2. 50% reduction in turnaround time in the submission of parole/probation case information
  3. 80% of issues raised on the use of CMIS are addressed/resolved/acted upon within seven days upon receipt of a verbal/written report

Project Features

  1. CMIS User’s Manual – An e-book type manual containing detailed information on the use of the CMIS, including its features and process flows, will be available to serve as a reference to portal users.
  2. Interactive Learning Platforms – Different tutorials in the form of videos and interactive games will be developed and uploaded to the support portal to suit the users’ preferences and learning styles and enhance their appreciation of the CMIS.
  3. Chatbot “Ask Probi” – A chatbot named “probi” will be made available in the CMIS Support Portal to assist users with common navigation problems and troubleshooting techniques 24/7.
  4. Online Community- The CMIS will also provide a space for collaboration, consultation, and group activities among the users to maximize the use of the portal. Users may share their experiences using the CMIS, introduce or develop hacks, and provide feedback to improve the CMIS.
  5. Remote Support – There will be a remote support system where they can seek the assistance of CMRD staff in navigating and troubleshooting commonly encountered bugs or system errors on the CMIS.
  6. Training Scheduler – For requests for training, live sessions (virtual or face-to-face), and demos on the use of the CMIS, users can view the CMRD’s schedule and request training on their specified date through the portal. The users may also view relevant information about the training, such as possible speakers, status training requests, and approved training requests.

Project Milestones

Prototype Enhancement1st week of October 2020
Prototype Testing16 October 2020
Pitch to Management30 October 2020
Pilot Implementation of the following:
● Enhanced CMIS User’s Manual
● Design and development of the Remote Support Features
● Conduct Trainers’ Training on the Remote Support Features
● Design and Development of the Training Scheduler
November 2020 – March 2020
Design and development of other project features:
● Interactive Learning Materials
● CMIS Community Page
April 2021 – December 2021

Innovation Team

Name: Trendsetters

Innovation Champion: ARD Ruth Perucho
Innovation Manager: CPPO Mary Ann Navalta

Team Members:

  1. SPPO Sheila Marie O. De Leoz
  2. Atty Delfin Junior Fabrigas
  3. PPOII Priscilla Camposanto
  4. ADA VI Pamela Denise P. Datu