Proponent Agency

Municipal Government of Carmen, Davao del Norte


23-27 August 2021


Employee Development

General Description

This revitalized training program focuses on the LGU’s frontline services. Aside from a more tedious training needs analysis, this holistic blended learning program follows a top-to-bottom approach that pays attention to every detail of the learning journey. Furthermore, external partnerships will be fostered to ensure the program’s effectiveness.

Project Background

One primary source of challenges that the Local Government Unit of Carmen is facing is its frontline service activities. The problems are mainly attributed to employee performance. Not only are the frontline staff unmotivated, but they are also not capacitated with skills aligned with the organization’s mandate, values, and system.

Furthermore, the agency’s primary concern is the dissemination of information and communication, both internally and externally. Since many inquiries are being received regularly, filtering information has proven to be challenging. Moreover, outward communication is also compromised, giving the agency a hard time disseminating information to external stakeholders.

At the forefront of this conflict are the frontline services personnel. That is why a need to revitalize their capacity-building program is foremost the need of LGU Carmen. Now that the nation faces new restrictions and parameters, it is time to introduce a revitalized and blended learning and development approach.

Potential Impact

  1. Upgraded employee capacity
  2. Faster information management
  3. Quality and efficiency of customer service
  4. More satisfied stakeholders
  5. Linkages and partnerships to outside providers
  6. Tailor fit approach to training and development
  7. Evaluation and monitoring

Project Features

  1. Training Needs Analysis: Data-driven tools will be integrated starting in the TNA. This allows for more specific objectives and training paths for each participant.
  2. Blended Learning Approach- Depending on the employees’ needs, the programs’ execution will combine online, face-to-face, and asynchronous activities.
  3. Feedback mechanisms: A feedback mechanism will be developed, both by the public and the trainees. The customer feedback forms will serve as a basis for the needs analysis, while training evaluation results will aid in the development and improvement of the program.
  4. Partnerships and Linkages: The program will be linked to external partners. New experts are being tapped across different organizations. Furthermore, benchmarking activities will be executed at par with other institutions.

Project Milestones

  1. Planning
  2. Identification of Tools
  3. Formulation of Training Schedule
  4. Management Presentation
  5. Pilot Testing

Innovation Team

Name: Team Pa More

Innovation Champion: John Kevin M. Amador
Innovation Manager: Ardel A. Ramos

Team Members:

  1. Leslie M. Lomongo
  2. Kystilzen Clarito
  3. Jennifer P. Divino