Proponent Agency

Bangsamoro Transition Authority


28 September – 2 October 2020



Project Background

The Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) was established in 2019 to serve as the interim regional government of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region. As a newly-established organization, the authority is tasked with ensuring the smooth transition of the government. During this transition period, as the interim parliament, the BTA must pass priority legislation into law as enumerated in the Bangsamoro Organic Law. Thus, ad hoc committees were formed to draft the priority legislation.

At present, the BTA has been conducting a series of consultations with experts, Civil Society Organization (CSO) partners, researchers, the academe, and the BARMM ministers to gather their inputs to formulate the BARMM legislation. However, among the challenges that the BTA faces is the accessibility of the proceedings from the parliament’s plenary sessions, archiving the proceedings, and data management.

Thus, the BTA posed an innovation challenge: How might we improve the recording system of BTA-BARMM parliament proceedings because we want our stakeholders to have easy access, collaborate without version conflicts, and promote transparency in parliament proceedings?

General Description

The BTA Proceedings Portal (BPP) is an online portal linked to the BTA website that aims to provide access and archive all proceedings from the parliament’s plenary sessions. It also seeks to address issues of BTA clients on slow processing of the request for copies of the conference proceedings and provide the citizens with a transparent process of consultations. The portal is intended to be used by members of the parliament, the BTA Secretariat, and the requesting parties who have access to the internet.

Potential Impact

  1. Reduce processing time of requests for copies of the conference proceedings
  2. Increase access of clients to parliament records
    a. No. of files uploaded/linked on the BPP
    b. No. of files downloaded
  3. Increase in the number of site visitors
  4. % satisfactory rating of BPP’s site visitors
  5. Increase in feedback gathered on parliament recording matters

Project Features

  1. Search Engine/Find Data – To search for the proceedings, which includes the verbatim recording, summary journals, and audio-video recordings, clients can easily input keywords and select the date of the parliament session to generate all related proceedings uploaded on Google Drive.
  2. Data Counter – A data counter to track and monitor the target indicators, such as no. of visitors, no. of files downloaded, no. of files uploaded/linked, etc.
  3. Quick Links to BTA Proceedings – To provide ease of access to site visitors, quick links are provided on the BPP, such as frequently asked proceedings, most recent uploads, and proceedings sorted by committee
  4. About the Portal – This page shows site visitors how to use the BPP and provides details on the frequently asked questions. A link to customer feedback is also included to assess the system’s usability. For further inquiries/clarifications, a “contact us” section is also provided. For requesting parties with limited internet connectivity in the area, they may still opt to request copies of the proceedings through the BTA Secretariat via phone call or email.

Project Milestones

Prototype Testing and EnhancementOctober – December 2020
Preparation of the Implementing Guidelines and other Administrative ArrangementsNovember – December 2020
Gather project partners and sponsors
a.    Presentation to BTA Secretariat
b.    Presentation to Management
January – February 2021
Pre-implementation Activities
a.      Drafting, review, and approval of MOAs and issuances
b.      Conduct training or briefing for the BTA Secretariat
c.      Development of promotional materials
8-19 February 2021
BPP Launching and roll-out.22 February 2021
Monitoring and Evaluation22 February 2021

Innovation Team

Name: Team E-record Mo

Innovation Manager: Abdulhammit C. Alawi, Jr.

Team Members:

  1. Jamil J. Bejerano – Political Affairs Officer IV
  2. Johanna M. Parending – Political Affairs Officer I
  3. Abdul Azis M. Monte – Political Affairs Assistant I
  4. Leanabai M. Sakal – Web Developer