ONP Inno-5ingko, the Innovation Team of Ospital ng Palawan (ONP), came up with AutOPD as their innovation project. Retrospectively, they aimed to make their Out-Patient Department (OPD) services more responsive to clients. Using the pre-gathered data on common practices, the team was able to identify different issues regarding the delivery of OPD services. Some issues identified were inconsistent patient information, lack of staff to collect patient information forms (PIF), limited equipment, and manual recording of patients. Through different brainstorming techniques, the team came up with key ideas such as barcoding of patients’ ID, posting of standard operating procedures through LED TV, online appointment system, strict reinforcement of policies, enhancement of ONP’s physical structure, and linkage to external stakeholders. Through the established prioritization criteria, the team found AutOPD as the most innovative project that would provide the most impact. The features of the AutOPD system include the patient’s queuing system, issuance of patient identification form, LED TV that plays informational videos about the hospital’s services, policies and charter, printing of outpatient records, and referral to the appropriate clinic or department. The project aims to provide a timely and convenient OPD transaction.


The team pre-gathered common practices regarding the processes and practices at the Ospital ng Palawan. Brainstorming further, they identified issues surrounding the delivery of the OPD services. Results of the data gathering and their collective insights are as follows: The OPD Process

  1. Filling out and submission of patient information form by the patient/watcher
  2. Master Listing of patient as per service (Standard form)
  3. Patient registration (Identification of new and follow-up) Vital signs taking

Issues Identified in OPD Services

  1. Inconsistent patient information
    1. No posted citizens charter (signage)
    2. No hospital ID (Green card for easy transaction)
  2. No designated staff to collect PIF
  3. Manual recording of patient
    1. Number of patients to be consulted (quota)
    2. Multi-tasked staff
  4. Not legible patient’s writing
    1. Double entry
    2. Patient Error
  5. Vital signs
    1. Limited equipment
    2. Multi-tasked staff
  6. Borrowed previous health records for PHIC
  7. Physician (MD) is not reporting at the OPD on time (patient meeting, etc.)

Innovation Project

The innovation team came up with a comprehensive innovation project AutOPD. It is a patient-centered healthcare through good governance, evidence-based practice, manned by competent and compassionate personnel, and equipped with modern health facilities. The features of the said project include:

  1. Patient’s queuing system
  2. Issuance of patient identification form
  3. LED TV plays informational videos about the hospital’s services, policies, and charter
  4. Printing of outpatient record
  5. Referral system to the appropriate clinic or department

Project Success Measure

Through AutOPD, Ospital ng Palawan will be able to make their OPD services more responsive to clients. Thus, the success measure of the project is to provide timely and convenient OPD transactions.