iTSU, the innovation team of Tarlac State University, came up with an Automated Faculty Evaluation System (AFES) which features guidelines and instructions upon login, subjects listed with course code, schedule and instructor assigned, evaluation instrument with instructions are incorporated, user-friendly, report generation, an option to save current status, a need to finish all evaluation before viewing of grades, and confidentiality. All the ideas came from the team’s aspirations to improve the internal monitoring of instruction services. Through data exploration utilizing descriptive-analytical surveys, focus group discussions, review or records or reports, online or manual poll survey, and guided interviews, the team was able to identify different areas of concern such as subjective evaluation due to bias, exclusion of qualitative factors, and not all students evaluate faculty, among others. The team generated ideas to address these issues. Some notable ideas they had are: implementing a recognition scheme for good performance, mobile application for faculty evaluation, and an automated faculty evaluation system that they chose to pursue. The project aims to ensure effective evaluation of faculty for continual improvement, make it easier to gather data, and save on resources.


The team shared their gathered information and insights during the workshop. The team described the common issues that they have encountered in their evaluation system. They discussed what makes their monitoring and evaluation system ineffective. Their insights are as follows:

  1. Content of the evaluation instrument does not encompass all the key performance indicators needed to be evaluated
  2. Evaluation instrument is not easily comprehensible to students
  3. Disruption of classes due to sit down observation
  4. Physical monitoring is inconvenient to monitors
  5. Subjective evaluation due to bias
  6. Exclusion of qualitative factors
  7. Not all students evaluate faculty
  8. Human Resource personnel does not regularly facilitate conduct of faculty evaluation
  9. Secrecy and anonymity of students are not guaranteed

Innovation Project

The team came up with the innovation project – Automated Faculty Evaluation System. The features are as follows:

  1. Ease of access as it is incorporated in the Student Portal
  2. Guidelines and instructions given upon login
  3. All subjects enrolled by the students are listed down with course code, schedule and instructor assigned
  4. Evaluation instrument incorporated
  5. Instruction for evaluation instrument included
  6. Easy to use (box-ticking method)
  7. Report generated upon submission
  8. Option to save current status to continue later
  9. Grades viewable upon submission of evaluation of all faculty
  10. Confidentiality guaranteed

Project Success Measures

Through the Automated Faculty Evaluation System (AFES), the agency will be able to improve the internal monitoring of instruction services, improve evaluation and improve data gathering. Thus, the success measures of the project are as follows:

  1. Ensured effective evaluation of faculty for continual improvement.
  2. Easier data gathering and more accurate data analysis from 6 months to 15 days
  3. Save on resources since it’s a paperless process