Proponent Agency

Apayao State College


7-11 June 2021


Employee Development

General Description

Operation ARISE is a drive to revitalize Apayao State College’s Employee Rewards and Recognition Program via a fortified PRAISE system. Currently, the said program has yet to reap its benefits as some employees, especially the non-teaching staff, are being left behind regarding awareness, performance monitoring, and recognition. Aside from an information campaign, unique features pertinent to the ASC employees’ needs will be integrated into the system.

Project Background

Being one of the premiere colleges in the district, Apayao State College houses an array of educators and non-teaching staff that pave for the institution’s growth and development. Given the size of their campus, thousands of employees work together towards a common mandate. One major issue in teams of such magnitude is rewards and recognition. Most often, those in non-teaching positions are neglected. If not prioritized, some are not aware of their career options. Thus Operation ARISE aims to revitalize its employee rewards and recognition program, anchored on the PRAISE system that has yet to flourish in the Academy.

Potential Impact

  1. Reduced employee attrition rate
  2. Employee retention and engagement
  3. Holistic rewards and recognition program
  4. Increased motivation and productivity.
  5. Clearer policies and guidelines.
  6. Improved work relations and harmonious work environment.
  7. Employee training and development.

Project Features

  1. Rewards and Recognition Committee: A TWG for project ARISE will be formed; the committee will focus on the development and efficient execution of the program.
  2. Rewards and Recognition Policy- A policy on rewards and recognition which will integrate the following will be formulated: Public Recognition, Private Recognition; Promotions; Monetary Rewards System.
  3. R and R Awards Night: A yearly awards ceremony will be integrated into the calendar as the main activity. This will be an event that every ASC member, the teaching or non-teaching, will look forward to.
  4. Online Community: Project arise will form an online community of employees for this purpose. Updates, announcements, and motivational activities will be integrated into the platform.
  5. R and R Community Wall: As an offline tool, a community wall will be built in ASC. This will house announcements and other activities. This will also be a venue for suggestions and reactions from the community members.
  6. R and R Anonymous: As part of the community wall, an anonymous suggestion box will be present for those who do not wish to be recognized, especially in sensitive situations.

Project Milestones

  1. Prototype Development – June 29, 2021
  2. Prototype Testing – July 2021
  3. Management Presentation – July 2021
  4. Establishment of TWG – August 2021
  5. Drafting of Guidelines – August 2021
  6. Pilot Implementation – TBD

Innovation Team

Name: Team KABULUN

Innovation Champion: Cheryl F. Olvida
Innovation Manager: Reymarie M. Caban

Team Members:

  1. Mirasol L. Agpuldo
  2. Reynaldo P. Gayo Jr.
  3. Rodel A. Tapuro
  4. Jules “Dumkat” P. Bangit