Improving the Government for Every Filipino

Improving the way services are delivered to the people has always been a priority of the government to further strengthen the citizens’ faith and trust in the government’s capacity to make the Filipino lives better, safer and healthier.

Many government agencies are continually improving the delivery of their services through streamlining processes and rationalizing documentary requirements for ease of transaction of the citizens. One way to achieve this is through the establishment of a Quality Management System (QMS), where planning, service, and support operations are aligned to ISO 9001 International Standards. It assures the consistency in the quality of services and continuous process improvement that will generate approaches to enhance customer and citizen satisfaction.

Establishing a QMS also complements the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018, which encourages the reengineering of systems and procedures. It mandates all offices and agencies to undergo review, evaluation and streamlining of their systems and procedures to reduce bureaucratic red tape and ease transactions of the Filipino people.

What is the GQMP?

The Government Quality Management Program (GQMP), which was created through the issuance of Executive Order (EO) No. 605, is a national government-funded program that promotes quality improvement in the public sector. The goal of the GQMP is to effect improvements in public sector performance by ensuring the consistency of products and services through quality processes that can be achieved by virtue of the establishment of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

  • Directs departments/agencies under the Executive Branch and GOCCs to adopt ISO-QMS and pursue certification
  • Enjoins SUCs and encourages LGUs, Judiciary, Legislature and Constitutional Offices to establish ISO-QMS and pursue certification
  • Directs establishment of citizens’ charter of key government offices as service guarantee

Focus on Enhancing Citizen Satisfaction

The GQMP is taking a great leap in its priorities by leveling up its quality improvement initiatives and focusing on enhancing citizen satisfaction. Its vision is: “Improved citizen satisfaction driven by government-wide quality improvement.” Thus, the Program concentrates on improving the frontline services of the government to ensure that Filipino citizens will greatly benefit in the process and system improvement initiatives. Reduction on the citizens’ transaction steps, waiting time, and transaction costs are the core of its objectives.

The program aims to:

  1. Increase the number of agencies with Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015
  2. Streamline processes of frontline services
  3. Establish service quality standards
  4. Improve the workplace quality and organization of the national government agencies
  5. Promote innovation in public service delivery through innovation laboratory
  6. Improve capacities of government agencies in adopting quality improvement approaches

Program Components

Strengthening and Expanding the Government Quality Management System

Through the continuing capability-building activities of the GQMP, most government agencies are implementing ISO 9001-certified QMS. To continuously widen the adoption and optimize the benefits of QMS, the program is providing supplementary technical assistance on QMS development and certification, process streamlining, scope expansion and integration of different management systems through training, consulting and publications.

Institutionalizing the 5S Good Housekeeping Program

The 5S Good Housekeeping is a systematic approach to organize work areas, keep rules and standards, and maintain discipline. It utilizes workplace organization and work simplification techniques, which complement the effective implementation of ISO 9001 QMS. The GQMP aims to institutionalize the 5S Good Housekeeping Program through training courses, seminars and technical assistance to ensure the consistent quality and organization of workplace in the government, and expand the application of the waste elimination principles of sort, systematize, sanitize, standardize and sustain.

Institutionalizing the Service Quality Standards

The adoption of common service quality standards for the whole of government assures consistency in the quality of services. This component steers the bureaucracy towards a more citizen-centered service delivery and instill a culture of quality. The GQMP conducts Citizen and Business Satisfaction Surveys on government frontline services dealing with the transacting public and business sector to measure service quality, identify service quality standards, and institutionalize them in the whole bureaucracy.

Innovating the Public Sector

The GQMP implements advocacy and capability building activities to help the public sector develop innovation culture, and come up with innovative solutions and improvement of processes to address the challenges and opportunities that highly impact the provision of quality public services. It leverages on the requirement of the QMS for continual improvement and attainment of full potential. It also holds annually the Government Best Practice Recognition, a platform that showcases public sector best practices and recognizes the efforts of innovative agencies.