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The Reflector's Hub


Isabela State University – San Mateo Campus

Year Implemented



The Reflector’s Hub is an online page of the Official School Publication of Isabela State University San Mateo Campus. Initiated by Erick C. Labrador, the former Associate Editor of the said publication during School Year 2017 – 2018, the Hub provides updates on the activities and events inside the campus and other campus-related activities.

Background and Problem

The Reflector’s Hub aims to provide firsthand information on the activities and events inside ISU-San Mateo. This also aims for information dissemination to the students of the said campus. The publication seeks to provide news and other related articles. The process of publishing an issue for an entire semester is exhausting, however, through this online page, storing and retrieving of data are made easy.

Solution and Impact

The Reflector’s Hub sets another platform to provide information not just to ISU-San Mateo students but to people outside the campus as well. An article with documentation in every event and activity will be posted to the online page as a way of information dissemination in a journalistic way. The creation of the said page seeks to reach out to more audiences and provide an e-copy of the latest issue. As a result, the Reflector reaches not just currently enrolled students but alumni, parents, friends, and other people interested. This also enhances the  student’s ability in capturing image and writing creative articles.


  • Reached a larger audience
  • Provide an update on activities and events
  • Information dissemination