This is an Entry to the Government Best Practice Recognition Awards


The ABC of Business Permitting and Licensing of Bayawan City


Local Government Unit – Bayawan City

Best practice Focus Area(s)

Leadership, Customer and citizen focus, Process management and improvement

Year Implemented



The ABC of Business Permitting and Licensing of the Local Government Unit of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental was initiated by the Business One-Stop Shop (BOSS) under the Administrator’s Office. The ABC of Business Permitting and Licensing refer to the three steps for acquiring a business permit in Bayawan City, namely: 1.) Apply, 2.) Bayad, and  3.) Claim. To make the specific windows for each transaction easier to locate for the clients, the windows are color-coded: Red for A, Yellow for B, and Green for C.

Background and Problem

The objectives of the ABC of the Business Permitting and Licensing of the Local Government Unit of Bayawan City are: 

  1. Improve implementation of the BOSS System 
  2. Zero pending permits
  3. Strict implementation of Zero-Contact Policy
  4. Enhance City’s competitiveness

To familiarize the LGU personnel with the new system,  an orientation was conducted regarding the use of computers, the new  layout of the tables and regulatory offices involved such as the Bureau of Fire Protection, Philippine National Police, Department of Trade and Industry, Social Security System, and the like. From time to time, the flow of the clients is monitored and observed, even how the clients move in a particular step.

Solution and Impact

The ABC of Business Permitting and Licensing by the LGU Bayawan City is simpler, easier, and assures faster processing of business permits.


 The methodology and/or components of the Best Practice:

  • Client completes all the regulatory requirements
  • Client will approach the verifier for evaluation,
  • After evaluation, client will head to the encoder for data entry
  • Client will be given a priority number, and once the priority number is displayed on the TV Screen, they are ready for the first step.

 All the regulatory offices went through an orientation with a series of meetings having been set for the purpose of familiarizing everyone on the changes. The layout of the needed offices in the BOSS was also considered along with the ins and outs of the documents and the assigned personnel to expedite the process. Flyers were prepared and distributed by the Joint Inspection Team (JIT) from November to December 2017. The flyers let clients know about the new steps, what to do, and what requirements to comply with.

At the entrance of the BOSS, information personnel provide the requirements for securing the renewal of business permits and at the same time the evaluators as the frontliner checks and verifies all the documents before they can proceed to the encoders for data entry.

The results and impact of the Best Practice are known to other Local Government Units of Negros Oriental. As far as Luzon, many were visiting LGU-Bayawan to listen and observe the activities.

The clients find it easier to keep track of their documents since their names are posted in the TV Screens mounted in the waiting area. As for the other stakeholders, they are proud because the new business processing managed to shorten waiting time.



  1. Distribution of copies of Database on Business Operations at Barangay level
  2. Dissemination of Information Education Communication (IEC) materials through the following:
    • Radio announcements
    • Radio guesting
    • Attendance to Barangay General Assembly
  1. Attendance to Liga Ng Mga Barangay meeting during the First Fridays of the month
  2. Facilitated visitors from other LGUs, NGOs, Academe, and Government Agencies
  3. Installation of BOSS Kiosk at Public Market

 Through these, constituents find it more convenient. There was a remarkable increase in the processed permits and of course the increase in revenue.