The general objective of this project was to create a template for the manual on OMB’s process of disposal. It provided guidelines and reference in addressing issues relative to the disposal of confiscated and seized items through credible documentation and inventory, which had a great impact on the public’s trust and confidence, mitigation of environment destruction, and generation of jobs and livelihood.

Background and Problem

“Good Governance and Anti-Corruption” is one sector where the OMB is clustered under Executive Order No. 43, which promotes transparency, accountability, participatory governance, and strengthening of public institutions. The cluster also works to regain the trust and confidence of the public in the government. The long delay in disposals was caused mainly by ineffective inventory and bureaucratic complexities in the system. This problem also affects the environment given the method of damaged items that may eventually pose health risks.

Solution and Impact

This led to the conceptualization of a project aligned to the vision, mission, and mandate of OMB. A template for a manual on disposal of confiscated items was formulated which (1) recommends an efficient and effective method of disposing counterfeit items consistent with environmental standards, (2) mitigates costs of transport, storage, disposal and security, (3) builds respect to Intellectual Property holders, and (4) develops partnership with the private sector and other government entities.


The project considered the participation of stakeholders and other government agencies to get their inputs and insights. Consultations with concerned sectors were done through focused group discussions, interviews and surveys. The project also conducted a thorough review of the existing procedure.

Eventually, the project proposed an efficient, fast-paced, and environment-friendly disposal procedure.

Note: This initiative is based on the Public Management Development Program (PMDP) Re-Entry Plan of Ms. Maria Rita L. Lagriada of the PMDP Middle Manager Class Batch 10 (Binhi).