Implementing Agency

Jakarta Provincial Government and Jakarta Smart City Management

Year Implemented:

2017 – present


Management for Productivity; Quality and Agility; Digitization & New Technologies; Perspectives on Productivity, Governance, and Development

General Description

Developed by Jakarta Smart City Management, Jakarta Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) Application is a mobile application that streamlines public services management and citizen action from the Jakarta Provincial Government.

Background and Problems

In a megacity like Jakarta, where over 200 government agencies operate, the task of managing and resolving citizen complaints is a daunting task, complicated by multiple initiatives that require consolidation and immediate response.

Beginning in the latter half of 2010, improvements in online applications led to increased citizen engagement and enhanced institutional responsiveness from the local government. Initial efforts in Jakarta resulted in the 2014 launch of the application “Qlue,” an integrated citizen reporting system that subsequently led to improved response times from local government services. The app opened the door for better engagement with the local constituency, and the Jakarta municipality saw overwhelmingly positive results, including a 94% reduction in possible flood areas, a 61.4% boost in government efficiency, and a 47% rise in public confidence.

However, the success of Qlue as a communicative and inclusive avenue for citizen engagement was short-lived. By 2017, the number of complaints registered in the app had dropped significantly as a result of a systematic shift that reduced the daily reporting of data gathered from citizens from three times a day to just once a day, decreasing the potential for civic participation.

Solution and Impact

In 2017, the Jakarta provincial government launched the Citizen Relationship Management App (Cepat Respon Masyarakat) as part of the renewed efforts to replicate Qlue’s success. The platform consolidated 14 citizen complaint channels, including Qlue, that were being used throughout Jakarta’s regional units to process reports. The app was developed by the Jakarta Smart City Management that is responsible for facilitating and streamlining the follow-up reports of citizens who utilize official channels.

The app is considered a bridge between citizens and the government that allows for the resolution of all non-emergency problems in the province. The idea is for citizens to feel that their concerns on issues such as waste management, floods, traffic, and inappropriate public advertisements are being heard and acted upon by the local government with a sense of urgency.

The way reports are being handled by the respective institutions requires that initial coordination is accomplished within a maximum of six hours, and reports are to be submitted within a maximum of seven days. The local government would then act upon these escalated reports through follow-up action via the relevant district receiving the appropriate tasks. Every village in Jakarta has a community complaint dashboard that can be monitored through the app, further improving citizen engagement while also allowing regional working units to better coordinate and work together towards resolving city problems, shortening complaint resolution time, and reducing citizen complaints. Public complaints can also be served through village offices, sub-district offices, city halls, correspondence, or the inspectorate.

The long-term goal of the CRM platform is to fast-track the digital transformation of the public service governance model in Jakarta in a way that is clean, transparent, and citizen-focused.


According to the Jakarta government, the number of escalations ranges from 12,000 to 15,000 in any given month, with an 83-86% completion rate. From January 2018 to September 2019, the platform recorded 1,886,685 reports completed, resulting from an average of 673 reports accomplished per day. The app remains in active use, as in March 2021 it was reported that there were 13,312 escalations submitted and 98.83% or 13,156 of those escalations were completed within 26.85 hours.

Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan emphasized that through this development, it will be easy to identify and appraise performance based on reports, proposals, or complaints from the public.

The project was recently recognized as one of the finalists in the 2020 IDC Smart City Asia Pacific Awards, under the Civic Engagement category, as recognition for its innovative use of technology to solve real operational challenges.


A monitoring room for CRM concerns (Source: Jakarta PR Office)
Real-time screenshot of citizen concerns through the Qlue App as consolidated by the CRM platform (Source: Jakarta PR Office)


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