The LGU of Carmona, through its Information Technology (IT) Unit, initiated the development and implementation of the Electronic Business Permit and Licensing System (eBPLS) which offers end-users with innovative features to make the business permit process more accurate and speedy. The system introduces a systematic approach to streamline the business permit and licensing process of the LGU.

Background and Problem

The LGU envisions to be a premier investment hub in the province of Cavite, with ecologically balanced community and fast growing economy steered by empowered citizenry and dynamic leadership. However, a number of complaints were received by the LGU in terms of business permit and licensing service because of its slow processing and release which tends to decrease clients’ satisfaction and eventually impact economic growth within the locality. Inefficiency in delivering the said service was also rampant in other cities which led to the simple automation established through the Business One-Stop-Shop (BOSS) mandated by the national government to LGUs.

Solution and Impact

From a simple automation process, the LGU makes use of its IT Unit to realize the impact of integrating information and communications technology to the daily operations of the LGU. The eBPLS has become a useful tool to support the LGU’s effective management of information in terms of speedy knowledge processing to achieve organizational objectives. It greatly contributed to the improved performance and competitiveness of the LGU’s business permit and licensing process. The unique features of the system, such as the assignment of unique code to business permit for tracking purposes and the generation of customized reports, make information management efficient and effective. Through eBPLS, time and effort in business registration and renewal was trimmed down. The improved process brought about positive change to the performance of service personnel which created a positive image to the LGU as a whole in terms of service delivery and transparency. More than 2,000 business establishments as of 2015 benefitted from the convenient processing of business permit registration and renewal.


The eBPLS was used as a tool to improve the business permit and licensing process of BOSS. The system was introduced to end-users prior to installation for consultation and test of user-friendliness. BOSS front line personnel were provided with capacity-building trainings to become reliable and competent users of the system. Aside from the positive feedback and commendation earned from satisfied clients, the effective implementation of the eBPLS has garnered awards such as Most Business-Friendly Municipality in the Philippines – Hall of Fame Award (2009, 2010, and 2011), eGov4MD Award, 4th Most Competitive Municipality in the Philippines (2014), and Best in eGov Business Empowerment Award (3rd Place).

Carmona has also become a Lakbay-Aral destination of LGUs, academe, and various international groups for benchmarking. The LGU became a model LGU to local governments who wants to embrace the positive results of the practice.