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Sponsor-A-Release Program


Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) - Tagaytay City Jail

Best practice Focus Area(s)

Citizen focus

Year Implemented



An Institutional Correction primarily aims to strengthen its endeavor towards effective rehabilitation and reformation. In line with this, due to an increase in the number of Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs; formerly known as “inmates”) committed in the BJMP with drug-related cases, BJMP Tagaytay helps qualified and deserving PDLs to be released through the support of the Sponsor-A-Release Program by selling livelihood paintings and furniture. The  proceeds from the sales will sponsor a deserving PDL’s fine to aid them in their reintegration into society.

The incumbent Tagaytay City Jail Warden, J/SINSP. Aris Williamere A. Villaester initiated this unique and unwavering innovation which started last January 2018.

Background and Problem


  1. To be a strong support system for the qualified and deserving PDLs in their reintegration to the community through sponsoring their release most especially those who were not able to pay for their fine.
  2. To maintain harmonious and effective supervision and rehabilitation of the PDL through the decongestion of the institutional corrections.
  3. To promote the sense of humanity and generosity.

The practice was adopted because of the evident increase of PDLs, most of them poverty-stricken. This is considered as the biggest challenge the initiator had encountered.

Solution and Impact

As a Correctional Institution whose principal goal is to change lives and promote a safer nation, this practice was not only undertaken to promote the different programs that the jail facilities can do but it is more putting a premium on upholding the essence of humanity and hope that can be given to a lot of individuals. This Sponsor- A-Release Program already made a difference not only to the jail facilities, the PDLs, and their family, but as well as to the entire community. It serves as a key for better rehabilitation and an opportunity for the PDL to realize the value of life.

The paintings as well as the livelihood furniture made by the PDLs are displayed inside the Tagaytay City Jail. Various government and non-government institutions also support the program through exhibits. In addition, the artworks are promoted through social media (Facebook), and through this, interested customers can acquire the products and also request other crafts to be made.

Many organizations like the Rotary Club of Madrigal Foundation, La Bella Tagaytay, Kiwanis International, and Junior Chamber International (JCI) Tagaytay were able to constantly give assistance which helped to make this initiative successful.


Thirty-five (35) qualified PDLs under BJMP-Tagaytay custody have benefited from the second chance program. The fund came from the proceeds of sold paintings with support from different Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and individuals. At present, Php578,000.00 has been raised through the program.

The Sponsor-A-Release Program has brought the organization as well as its initiator into the limelight as it paved its way to realizing this initiative which resulted in garnering prestigious awards such as: Rotary Club Platinum Award, PNPA Pres. Fidel V Ramos Award, Gawad Filipino Dangal ng Kawani ng Bayan, Gawad Filipino (Art Ambassador), and the recently concluded 2019 World Class Achiever Award held at Viva Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last August 24, 2019.

This program constantly conducts various exhibits to promote paintings and furniture for sale in order to fund more PDLs for their reintegration into society.