As part of our “Educate the Youth” advocacy, the Ilagan Youth Center in coordination with Office of the City Mayor conceptualized and initiated the Sining Na Gagabay sa Kabataang Ilagaueño (SINAG) which our young people from all walks of life are encouraged to participate. The program aims to enhance the artistic potentials, foster camaraderie and upgrade socio-economic awareness among youths and students. Towards this event, we have envisioned to produce artists passionately committed to noble and dynamic aspirations of their sensibilities, exuberance and abilities. Its conviction is to mainstream young artists’ skills and talents.

Background and Problem

The training aims to equip its participants with knowledge about art and encourage creativity. Also imbue in young people a sense of the satisfaction that comes from working to create something, the ability to use and understand art effectively and recognize art education as a viable factor that develops better citizens of the society. Its main objectives are as follows:

  • Direct attention to the value of art education for divergent and critical thinking;
  • Encourage commitment to the art by students, community, organizations, and other individuals;
  • Provide additional opportunities for individuals of all ages to participate in creative art learning;
  • Increase community and government support for art education and expanded music programs in schools to stimulate new art programs;
  • Increase community understanding and interest in art education through involvement in workshops, recitals, concepts and other creative ventures;
  • Recognize art as necessary for the full development of better quality of life for all;
  • Reflect and demonstrate the goals of the NCCA that work toward the improvement of culture and art education in our society; and
  • Enhances the multiple intelligence such as spatial, linguistic, kinesthetic, interpersonal, naturalist, existentialist, intrapersonal, and musical of every individual

Solution and Impact

The Ilagan Youth Center implemented this program to promote the importance of arts in the life of our children. Art builds self-esteem, it teaches critical social skills, and stimulates creativity and innovation, it also empowers hopes to ignite the spark of creativity that lies within all youths and inspires a love of learning. Education in the arts is more important than ever. This project promotes and showcases the talents and skills of the Ilagueño youths in the different fields of arts. The impact of the program can be seen in the development of its student-beneficiaries. Almost all, if not all the enrolled students of the SINAG Program, art beginners or have zero knowledge about the program or specialization they have enrolled. And by the end of the six-month training, they can now play the instruments they have enrolled in, dance with gracefulness and develop their hands in painting. Secondly, we also observed that for those enrolled students enrolled in the program, confidence is boosted. Development of their self-esteem is one of the most important factors that can be attributed to the program. The once shy and timid child became active and oozing with confidence. That is why we are delighted that SINAG became an instrument in developing the talents and gaining confidence of the Ilagueño youths. Last but not the least is the joy and happiness that were seen in the eyes of the child’s parents as they watched their child progress in the skill or program they have enrolled to. Specially during recitals and recognitions, we can feel the pride and happiness of the parents, these are moments of life that became a lifetime treasure in their hearts, something that money can’t buy. And we are grateful that our program became a channel that strengthened the bond that binds the Ilagueño family.


The program has been successful because it has produced seven batches of student-beneficiaries since its genesis in February 2015. A total of 2200 graduates have already benefited from the program. Not to mention the joy and happiness if brought to the proud parents of the enrollees. SINAG Rondalla has competed in the Regional and National category. Now they are preparing for their upcoming competition on November 26, and December 1, 2019 in the National Music Competition for Young Artists (NAMCYA). And the SINAG Dance Core Group was also a grand champion in a local talent search here in Ilagan.


Sining na Gagabay sa Kabataang Ilagueño


City Government of Ilagan, Isabela