The SWiT-MBOSS of Muntinlupa City’s BPLO is a simplified and modified system for processing new business permit applications and renewal, consisting of three simple steps and accomplished during a customer’s interface with one and the same BPLO staff from the start to the end of the transaction. With the initiative, total processing time of transactions is proportionately shortened to around 15 minutes on the average for applications with complete set of requirements.

Background and Problem

From the late 1990s to early 2000s, the scheme for processing new business permit applications and renewal in BPLO Muntinlupa City is composed of fourteen complex steps, with the customer approaching numerous staff at different counters/offices. With the long and complicated steps, investors were burdened with additional logistical costs and discouraged by longer transaction time. This led to the City’s revenue collection inefficiency and failure to boost the local economy as well as its competitiveness as an investment destination. The old scheme also opened rooms for extensive bureaucratic red tape and eventually administrative flaws and corruption.

Solution and Impact

In pursuit of continuous improvement of the quality of service for the public with the commitment of providing efficient, prompt, and excellent service to customers at all times, the BPLO underwent a series of evolution in terms of its service standard of processing business permit applications. From fourteen steps, the system was simplified to consist of twelve steps, which was eventually reduced by half. And to further ensure fast and quality public service, the BPLO re-engineered its system last 2013 simplifying the procedure to just three steps and eventually found a way in 2015 to limit the interaction of customers from three personnel to only one and the same staff.

The SWiT-MBOSS practice affects all those applying for new and renewal of business permits, including non-contracting certificates and business account modification. It reaches individual entrepreneurs, business partnerships, and corporations with potential to become investors of the city. The positive response and feedback from customers who have experienced first-hand the system reaches those prospective investors and exert influence on their business decisions. Additionally, the SWiT-MBOSS is complemented by the Philippine Business Registry kiosk (PBR@munti) set up inside the BPLO which provides convenient access to PhilHealth, Social Security System (SSS), Pag-IBIG Fund, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). These national government agencies (NGAs) provide thousands of citizens, existing businesses, and prospective entrepreneurs and investors –from Muntinlupa City and nearby areas—with a wide array of needed services. In 2016 alone, a total of 105,150 different transactions were made through the Philippine Business Registry kiosk. Many of these contributed to the formalization of enterprises and the expansion or growth of existing businesses in the City of Muntinlupa and neighboring places.


In 2015, the SWiT-MBOSS was one of the winners in the Government Best Practice Competition spearheaded by the Development Academy of the Philippines as well as in the 4th International Best Practice Competition founded by the New Zealand-based Centre for Organizational Excellence Research in cooperation with the Asian Productivity Organization. The innovation also garnered the Raptors Social Media Award, Special Citation on Public Private Partnership Most Business Friendly LGU Awards, and the Plaque of Recognition from the Philippine Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

The innovation has been the subject of many benchmarking activities both locally and internationally. A number of agencies and local government units (LGUs) also expressed interest to replicate the streamlined system.

In 2016, the City Government generated an income of over 1.6 billion pesos from business taxes alone. This accomplishment made the BPLO the local government’s leading department in terms of revenue generation with a 38.26% slice of the City’s total income. Moreover, business tax collection went up by almost 89% between 2013 and 2016, enabling the City to actively pursue inclusive development thru the local government’s Eight-Point Program.


  • “I always feel bad, but for the very first time I’m happy paying my taxes. The service is excellent, from the security guard, frontliner, even the one who offered coffee, everybody is consistent. The ambience is also very good. This is my most please experience in a government office. Very good image for the government. I am impressed. It is not just about the system, but the people and their attitude. The internal desire to change. I am amazed with the cultural change. Congratulations!” —Victoria K. Mapua, Owner of Snow’s Saddles and Equestrian Supplies
  • “The SWiT-MBOSS is important to both the management and staff of the BPLO because it facilitates accomplishment of the Office’s mandate and vision. In the same manner, the practice is essential to the organization of the City Government of Muntinlupa because it serves as a tool or mechanism by which the local government dispenses a frontline service that effectively contributes to the realization of the city’s goal to become the leading investment hub in the country and the city with the most business-friendly environment.” —City Government of Muntinlupa
  • “Fastest I encountered.” —Antonio Lopez, New Business Permit Applicant
  • “I’ve been renewing our company’s business permit for the whole month across NCR, and Muntinlupa City has the best (in) customer service. Thank you. Good job!” — Safeguard Security Agency, Inc., Business Permit Renewal Applicant

Based on the analysis done on feedback forms submitted, a high percentage of those taxpayers gave the service they received a “very good” or “excellent” rating. A majority also conveyed their appreciation for the fast and courteous service delivery of BPLO personnel in comparison with their experience from similar transactions with the BPLO of other LGUs.