This is an Entry to the Government Best Practice Recognition Awards


Search for Malambuong Barangay: Clean, Green, Bloom and Healthy Barangay


LGU Sison, Surigao del Norte

Best practice Focus Area(s)

Leadership, Social and environmental responsibility, Convergence, Strategic planning and deployment, Customer and citizen focus, Strategic performance management, Knowledge management and information technology, Climate change adaptation or mitigation, Integrity management, Financial Stewardship

Year Implemented



The annual search for “Malambuong Barangay” was in 1995 using the criteria of the Local Governance Project Monitoring System (LGPMS) of the DILG.  The project is an initiative to ensure that barangays implement crucial services that promote important environmental and health initiatives. At the same time, they encourage best practices through the conferment of awards. The criteria follow important aspects of flagship programs of the national and local governments.

The awards are the following:

  1. Malambuong Barangay Champion – P50,000.00 cash prize plus project worth P350,000.00
  2. Malambuong Barangay 1st runner up – P30,000.00 cash prize plus project
  3. Malambuong Barangay 2nd runner up – P20,000.00 cash prize plus project
  4. Clean, Green and Bloom Barangay – P10,000.00 cash prize plus assorted vegetable seeds
  5. Most Healthy Barangay (sanitation and healthy community)-P10,000.00 cash prize
  6. Best in Katarungan Pambarangay – P10,000.00 cash prize
  7. All participating barangays will receive certificates of participation plus P5,000.00 cash each.

Background and Problem

This program aims to encourage barangay officials and their constituents to develop and implement programs, projects, and activities to promote various initiatives being promoted in the municipal government of Sison’s Annual Investment Program. This program was also created and utilized by the LGU as its major monitoring activity where barangays are monitored quarterly. This program has become the annual practice every celebration of Sison’s Adlaw Nan Sison and giving of awards during that day.

Solution and Impact

A Technical Working Group (TWG) was created to evaluate the barangays. The members of the TWG are composed of representatives from different sectors such as local administration, financial management, social sector, peace and order, economic sector, disaster management, environmental protection, environmental sanitation, infrastructure development, gender and development, and other development activities. Each barangay is evaluated for six (6) days every quarter. At the end of the evaluation, the Municipal Planning and Development Office consolidates the results to produce the scores of every barangay and determine what sector a certain barangay has its weaknesses and strengths on that will be relayed to them as feedback. This way the barangays are given recommendations on how to improve themselves in the future.


Malambuong Barangay has been significant to this locality for its special and operational guidelines:

  1. The Local Chief Executive issue Office Order on the creation of TWG/ evaluators.
  2. The TWG will convene to create/revise/reset the criteria or evaluation sheets for each sector
  3. Design the program of activity to include its budgetary requirements.
  4. Procure needed supplies including gasoline, meals, and snacks for the evaluators, plaques/certificates of recognition/participation/ awards, and other supplies.
  5. Prepare cash awards.
  6. Evaluation activities for six (6) days for the 12 barangays to be handled by respective evaluators.
  7. Consolidation of results to give the scores and identify winners.
  8. Awarding during the Adlaw nan Sison on September 15.
  9. Feedback to each barangay will be done by the MPDC office with the 12 barangay secretaries and treasurer, and it is much appreciated if the punong barangay is present.