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Road Safety Short Films


Department of Transportation

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Customer and citizen focus

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To bring the Department of Transportation (DOTr) closer to the people and to effectively disseminate information engagingly, DOTr has produced three (3) slots of at least 30 seconds each of Audio-Visual Presentation (AVP) to chronicle and highlight media-related activities on Road Transportation Safety and Discipline, Traffic Rules and Regulations, and other projects, activities, and programs.

 The AVPs aims to provide audio-visual documentation of Road Transportation Safety and discipline, Traffic Rules and Regulations, and other projects, activities, and programs. These AVPs also serve as an information dissemination tool on Road Transportation Safety and discipline, Traffic Rules and Regulations, and other projects, activities, and programs for viewing the Department’s partners, stakeholders, and the public. These videos were produced this 2019.

Background and Problem

The appalling number of lost lives and wrecked properties bought by road crashes and incidents is causing a disturbing reality everywhere. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported 1.35 million road traffic deaths globally in 2018. Road traffic injuries are, in fact, the leading cause of deaths of children and young adults worldwide.

In the Philippines, 12,143 road crash incidents were recorded by the Philippine National Police—Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) from January 2018 to March 2019, around 1,935 of which were reportedly fatal. These road crash incidents were caused by human factors, such as drunk driving, using a mobile phone while driving, and bad overtaking, among others.

Solution and Impact

Road safety is a public health concern and a shared responsibility. Continuously committed towards this end, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) is proactive in its pursuit of increasing road safety awareness among Filipinos through constant information and education.

In line with this, the DOTr Communications Office has produced a Public Service Announcements (PSAs) entitled “Here Comes the Bride”, “One for the Road”, and “Naiwan”, which aims to remind and inculcate road safety practices to everyone. “Here Comes the Bride” is the first installment in this series which tells the tragic end for a bride who perished in a road crash, caused by mobile phone use while driving.

The second video entitled, “One for the Road”, showed how drunk driving instantly ended the life of a young kid who just wants to make his mother proud. The final installment in the series is a video entitled “Naiwan”, which tells the story of a boy who grew up losing his father who died in a road crash caused by using a mobile phone while driving and bad overtaking.

The following PSAs are uploaded on the DOTr Facebook page and are requested to be shown in cinemas nationwide as well. This is to ensure that the PSAs reach wider audiences to effectively promote awareness on the Department’s road safety advocacy.


In line with the government’s advocacy for road safety, the DOTr presented on its Facebook page a public service announcement video entitled, “Here Comes the Bride.” To date, the video uploaded on the DOTr Facebook page has gained 260,398 views with 758,883 people reached and 15,684 reactions, comments and shares received. Megaworld has also agreed to air the “Here Comes the Bride” in all Megaworld Lifestyle Mall Cinemas Nationwide (Eastwood, Uptown, Lucky Chinatown, Newport, Venice Grand Canal, Southwoods, Festive Walk Iloilo).