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R1MC - Mother and Baby Friendly Health Facility


Region I Medical Center

Year Implemented



Region I Medical Center started its journey to Mother-Baby Friendly Hospital way back 2010 when it received its Certificate of Commitment, a pledge to sustain the requirements of MBFHI. Until today, Region 1 Medical Center renewed its commitment to uphold its pledge to promote and protect the welfare of mothers and babies by transforming the hospital as a maternity and newborn-conducive health service facility that supports rooming-in, breastfeeding and other mother-baby friendly practices.

Background and Problem

To satisfactorily meet the standards of being a Mother & Baby Friendly Health Facility, Region 1 Medical Center has anchored its implementation of the program on five objectives, namely: (1) To promote, protect, and support breastfeeding activities among patients and R1MC personnel; (2) To strengthen the Rooming-in Policy and Breastmilk Expression with proper surveillance among staff; (3) To promote the Essential Intrapartum Newborn and Infant Care; (4) To promote and enhance Mother and Baby Friendly Care; and lastly, (5) To facilitate mother-infant bonding. 

As a government hospital, Region 1 Medical Center is the go-to facility for the indigent and considerably belonging to the families living within the poverty threshold, who lack access to proper maternal and neonatal care education. Despite this, the persistent and consistent implementation of Mother and Baby Friendly Initiatives in the hospital fills in this gap by enabling the mothers to adopt the recommended measures in nurturing their newborn.

Solution and Impact

Region 1 Medical Center implements the following guidelines and policies in rooming-in and lactation:

  1. Advocate breastfeeding through written policies routinely communicated to all health personnel; 
  2. Send health personnel to undergo 20-hour training on Lactation Management Education and Training as per the Milk Code and the Expanded Breastfeeding Act of 2009;
  3. Conduct of information and education campaign on the benefits of breastfeeding to all pregnant and puerperal women; 
  4. Implement the Essential Intrapartum and Newborn Care; 
  5. Practice Rooming-in/Kangaroo Mother Care; 
  6. Secure provision of breastfeeding for all newborns; 
  7. Encourage breastfeeding per demand up to six months;  
  8. Ensure the introduction of complementary feeding in the sixth month; 
  9. Foster mother-infant bonding conducive-atmosphere at all times to all outburns; 
  10. Advise breastfeeding personnel to utilize Lactation Station for breastfeeding, breast milk expression, and storage; 
  11. Schedule follow-up of mother and her newborn upon discharge; 
  12. Establish Lactation Counselors in the hospital and linkages with the Breastfeeding Support Group and other advocates; and,
  13. Educate HIV-positive mothers on alternative infant feeding options.


Region 1 Medical Center has been re-accredited as a Mother & Baby Friendly Health Facility by the Department of Health for another three years since July 16, 2015, to July 16, 2018, and on November 7, 2018, up to present, a testament to the execution of its mandate in delivery of compassionate maternal services and promoting effective breastfeeding practices.