Title of Productivity and Innovation Initiative:

Moncada eBPLO system

Implementing Agency:

Municipal Government of Moncada, Tarlac

Year Implemented:



Digitization & New Technologies, and Government of the Future

General Description

Pursuant to RA 11032 or the Ease of Doing Business and Delivery of Government Services (EODB/EDGS) Act, the Municipality’s Electronic Business Permits and Licensing Office (eBPLO) system of the Municipality of Moncada, Tarlac was implemented in 2016. Initially, it only aimed to streamline the process of business permits and license transactions in Moncada through an organized online database for all business records. As of 2021, the system has also integrated an Electronic Queuing System, Mayor’s Assistance System, Revised Automated Travel Pass System, and Human Resources Human Resources Information System (HRIS). It also serves as a database for other records such as real property taxes (RPT) and community tax certificates (CTC).

Background and Problems

Moncada is a first-class municipality in Tarlac, with over 57,000 residents according to the 2015 Census. Residents aged 15 to 64, which belong to the economically active population and actual or potential workforce members, constitute 62.25% of the municipality. In terms of trade and commerce, there are currently over 500 business establishments and 500 public market stalls.

Based on Moncada LGU’s data, before implementing the eBPLO system, the average assessment time of business-related documents would usually take at least two to four hours with manual processing. There are also instances of missing or misplaced physical records, which would result in transactions taking even longer. Municipal records show that before the eBPLO implementation, only about four to five transactions could be accommodated per day.

Solution and Impact

Moncada LGU partnered with ezGov, a company that specializes in the application and system development for various local governments in the country, in automating their eBPLO and records for RPT, engineering, and treasury, creating HRIS system for their resource management and queuing system for customer service, and developing their eMoncada and COVID Management Applications.

With the eBPLO system in place, the performance monitoring data of Moncada showed a significant improvement in the speed of transactions. From an average of two hours pre-implementation, the assessment time that the system recorded as of 2020 reduced to an average of 2.81 minutes. The average daily transactions also increased from only four to five to at least 90. These already notable leaps in productivity become even more impressive given other factors such as the fact that manual transactions often take even longer hours whenever the assessors fail to find the previous records of business owners.

Apart from improving the efficiency of transactions, the eBPLO system also constantly monitors delays and acts on them accordingly through a performance monitoring feature integrated into the queuing system, which records the length of time that the users spend lining up until they have accomplished all the processes. The resulting time saved has freed up the staff to focus on other important municipal tasks.

The shorter and almost hassle-free transactions have encouraged more people to register and start new businesses. Since 2016, 100 percent of business owners in Moncada have been registered in the system and all of the local government’s’s business processes go through it as well. From less than 30 large enterprises, the municipality of Moncada is now home to a total of 190 in 2020.


In 2020, the eBPLO system won second place in the Digital Governance Awards (DGA) which was organized by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), through its ICT Industry Development Bureau (IIDB), in partnership with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP). The DGA is an annual search for ICT best practices of local government units (LGUs) for more effective and efficient delivery of public services to their constituents and business stakeholders.

The Moncada LGU is currently planning to incorporate an online payment system to further increase the convenience for businesses in the municipality. The LGU also aims to integrate the system in their new eMoncada Application, which aims to serve as an all-in-one platform that features a local business directory and services such as contact tracing and a tracker for the vaccination status of residents.

A person using the eBPLO system

Screenshots of the eBPLO system user interface


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