Bureau of Jail Management and Penology

Best Practice Focus Area/s

Strategy, Citizens / Customers, Operations

Year Implemented

19 November 2019

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Tech4ED stands for “Technology for Education, to Gain Employment, Train Entrepreneurs towards Economic Development.” It is a project of the DOST-ICT Office that aims to harness ICT to create a more equitable society by providing opportunities for employment and empowering entrepreneurs.

Initiated by the Bureau of Jail Management in partnership with Penology-Puerto Princesa City Jail (PPCJ), they availed five (5) desktop computers as a donation through its partnership from the DICT, Palawan, Tech4Ed Center. These computers were utilized to provide not only the basic services but also additional opportunities for Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) and even PPCJ’s management in light of the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Background and Problem

On the noon of 20 March 2020, an absolute lockdown in all jail facilities was initiated due to the Philippines being in a state of calamity due to COVID-19. And as the DOH further reported the significantly increasing number of COVID-19-infected persons, the mobility of people in jails was only further tightened. Moreover, due to limited testing kits, people considered to have COVID-19 could not be verified as easily and its spread inside jail facilities is likely to happen. Visitation activities and handing over supplemental food have been restricted as an intensified precautionary measure in preventing entry and transmission of COVID-19 inside jails. These limitations left jail personnel as the only people to provide services to people in jail, which at times, may not be sufficient.

Solution and Impact

On 19 November 2019, the mass launching of the Tech4Ed Program was implemented in cooperation with DICT. JSINSP Irene D. Gaspar, the Puerto Princesa City Jail-Male Dormitory’s warden, formally accepted the Tech4Ed Program with Barangay Sta. Monica and the Schools Division Office of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

PPCJ availed five (5) desktop computers as a donation through its partnership from the DICT, Palawan, Tech4Ed Center. These computers were utilized to provide opportunities for PDL and its personnel. The use of computers circumvented the need for a physical presence in gatherings by instead providing digital or virtual attendance.

The following Tech4Ed Center E-Services was enjoyed and offered by this jail unit with the strict supervision of personnel:

  • E-Sports – PDL participated in the National E-Chess Tournament hosted by Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) Caraga Region
  • E-Worship – through FB or recorded live, PDL regularly attends religious activities
  • E-Dalaw – Video calling for PDL families and love ones through PPCJ E-Dalaw
  • E-Livelihood – Livelihood products promotion of PDL through live selling and FB post at PPCJ Livelihood
  • E-Hearing – also known as telehearing or court hearing through video conferencing for the regular hearing of PDL cases
  • E-Burol – Also known as Cyber Burol, wherein PDL can view the remains of their loved ones
  • E-Learning/Webinars – ALS classes and other skills training are availed by PDL through downloaded clips and via different apps. Similarly, personnel utilized the center during webinars and virtual meetings.
  • E-Medicine – Also known as telemedicine, free medical consultation for PDL
  • E-Legal Consultation – A time to given to PDL and his counsel to update regarding the status of their cases
  • E-Community Service – Gift-giving to selected PDL families by Jail Officers

Overall, the PPCJ’s Tech4Ed Center E-Services has been a great aid in providing not only the basic services, but also supplementary development opportunities for Persons Deprived of Liberty and even jail personnel during the pandemic times.

Milestones/Next Steps

On 10 August 2020, under the guidance of JSSUPT Maria Irene A. Esquinas, Regional Director of the Jail Bureau, and JSSUPT Ronaldo M. Senoc, ARD for Operations/Jail Provincial Administrator, BJMP Palawan, J/SINSP Irene D. Gaspar, and SJO4 Rowena F. Olivar attended the awarding ceremony during the Tech4Ed Digital Conference with the theme “ICT in the New Normal” with former DICT Secretary Gringo Honasan as Guest of Honor and Speaker. At the ceremony, the Puerto Princesa City Jail Tech4Ed Center was recognized as one of the Tech4Ed Centers in Luzon Cluster 3 with Exemplary Services to its constituents.

On 26 February 2021, DICT Luzon Cluster 3 Tech4ed Awards 2020 “Search for the Most Outstanding Tech4Ed Center”, Puerto Princesa City Jail’s Tech4Ed Center received a Certificate of Recognition. It was further recognized and awarded as an “Emerging Tech4Ed Center” for the year 2020 for its exemplary services to its constituents.